Car Rental Phoenix


A large number of the city’s attractions can be found in the downtown district, the city center, where you will find numerous adorable restaurants, bars, shops and hotels. Renting a car while on a vacation in Phoenix is an amazing way to explore the downtown area. Car rental Phoenix offers you the opportunity to go wherever you like on your own time. Other great places worth visiting in your cheap car rental Phoenix include the business district, and Old Phoenix which houses quite a number of the city’s museums and well preserved historic buildings. From here you can take a ride to the Mesa area of Phoenix which houses lots of shopping malls and boutique shops. For great nightlife scene, a ride to Tempe will not leave you disappointed.

Visiting Phoenix

Strategically located on the northern part of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is a very popular destination in the state of Arizona. Well known for its friendly temperature and related winter tourist trade, Phoenix offers more than enough for local visitors and tourists alike. The city’s downtown district is home to strip malls, shopping centers and lovely attractions. Now named as the fifth largest city in the United States, Phoenix is truly an epitome of beauty and charm for visitors looking for a scenic destination. Home to striking high rise building, exotic golf courses and impressive resort areas, your trip to Phoenix promises to be amazing.


Phoenix Hotels

Phoenix is home to numerous hotel accommodations with the cheapest rates during the summer months which runs from June through August. During winter, the city welcomes thousands of tourists and most hotels are fully booked at this time. Winter is considered the best time to visit the city, so make your travel plans to Phoenix ahead of time if you are considering visiting during winter.


With dozens of massive sized shopping malls with air conditioning, Phoenix is considered an ideal destination for shopping activities. Here you will find all kinds of shops including chain stores, department stores, independent retailers and fashion boutiques. Majority of the stores in the city are located in the Biltmore and Scottsdale districts.


Phoenix is well known for its south western cuisine with more international offerings available all over the city. The city’s restaurants offer a wide range of food to cater to the needs of food enthusiasts. A number of restaurants and bars are concentrated in the heart of the city especially in the older areas of Biltmore and Scottsdale.


Boasting more than 300 days of sunshine every year, Phoenix features warm temperatures. A lot of travelers tend to plan their trip to this beautiful city during the warm summer months from January through March. The average temperature during winter is 13°C / 55°F. The warmest time of the year is during the summer months from July through September with an average temperature of 42°C / 108°F.

Getting there

The major gateway into the city is through the Sky Harbor International Airport located in the city center. The airport offers direct flights to and from most cities in the United States. The airport also offers international flights to UK, Canada and Mexico.

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