Los Angeles

Los Angeles Car Rental

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Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles, meaning “The Angels” in Spanish is among the list of most densely populated cities in the United States. Located in California, Los Angeles is the 14th largest city in the world. home to people for different ethnicity and religion, Los Angeles is one of the most culturally cities on earth. Hundreds of thousands of people make their way to this beautiful city each year and for good reason. The city has something for visitors of all kinds ranging from food, shopping and attractions to cultural activities, nightlife and festivals.

Getting there

Renowned for being a mega city, Los Angeles has a great public transport system including bus, taxis, flights and trains. With regards to airports, Los Angeles boasts six commercial airports and lots of private airport. Access into the city for international travelers has never been easier with affordable flights. The biggest and one of the busiest airports in the United States is the Los Angeles International Airport which comprises of 9 terminals. Due to the massiveness of these terminals, it takes about ten minutes to reach from one to another. Asides getting in by plane, other ways of entering into the city include by train and bus.


Regardless of your budget, be rest assured that Los Angeles has something in stock for you. LA offer the most sophisticated accommodation option from budget hotels to luxury accommodation. The choice of choosing an accommodation depends on your preference. There are lots of hotels located in the city where visitors can experience the best in hospitality.

Where to go

The beautiful city of Los Angeles is home to loads of historical landmarks and cultural centers. For history buffs, strap yourself to the seat of your Los Angeles car rental and head to the Olvera Street which houses the oldest buildings in the city. Some of the popular museums in the city include J Paul Getty Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Museum of Art and Natural History and California Afro-American Museum. Griffith Park is a must visit for nature lovers as there are plenty of green space to enjoy a remarkable stroll. Your trip to LA will be considered incomplete without visiting the Mulholland Drive, renowned for being the epicenter of most movies shot in this city.

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