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Renowned for being the administrative center of Lancashire, England, the city of Preston became the 50th city in England to commemorate the 50th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Home to a population of over 110,000 people, Preston is one of the most exotic cities in the UK.


The Religious background of Preston has always been that of the Roman Catholic Faith. The Roman Catholic tradition is one strongest that has eaten deep into the lives of its locals, which has brought about the monuments and inscriptions in the city, relating to the Roman Catholic faith. For instance the city’s shield has a biblical image of Christ, as well as the “PP” on the shield which is an acronym for “Princeps Pacis literally meaning Prince of Peace. This makes locals believe that the city is protected by Christ himself and as such believed that no evil shall befall them.


Preston is one of the safest cities in comparison to other major cities such as London or Birmingham. Notwithstanding, one must be security conscious and use common sense by not walking late at night in secluded areas especially as a foreigner. Avoid keeping late nights, and don’t get into a conversation with someone you are unfamiliar with. Also consider walking in the company of a friend, as it is more preferable walking in twos than alone especially after dark.
Some areas within the city are known for anti-social behavior. If in doubt of where you are headed, it is best to spend just a little extra cash by taking a taxi rather than asking a stranger for directions.


The night activities in Preston cannot be over emphasized, as there are lots of pubs, bars and nightclubs located on the main street such as Wall St.
Preston holds plenty of fun sports that are pretty affordable and comfortable. A “pub crawl” won’t be a wrong idea as you can find them in strategic places around the city. These pubs hold a rich history, great ambience and are affordable. Just take a moment to relax in one of the available spots in town and you will glad you did.


The Blackpool International Airport is the closest and it is located 15miles from Preston, UK. This airport serves both international and domestic flights from Blackpool
Another airport that has close proximity to Preston is Manchester Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the UK offering both international and domestic flights. Manchester Airport is about 42 miles from Preston United Kingdom.

Next in line is the Liverpool John Lennon Airport, which is also a major Airport, located about 46 miles from Preston city. The airport offers both international and domestic flights from Liverpool, United Kingdom . Other airports that has close proximity to Preston include Leeds Bradford International Airport which is about 60 miles from the city center and Hawarden Airport located about 64 miles from Preston. These airports features some of the best facilities for a memorable flying experience.


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