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Renting a car in Milton Keynes is affordable, easy and stress free with Right Car Hire UK, one of the leading and most affordable car hire companies in the world. Located on the outskirts of London, Milton Keynes is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK with close proximity to London, thus making it a great place to enjoy a remarkable holiday. Your holiday in Milton Keynes will be the most remarkable ever when you rent a car in Milton Keynes to explore the area at your own pace. The city features a thriving cultural life, rich heritage and a wealth of attractions such as Xscape, an entertainment complex that offers plenty of fun filled activities for everyone including young and old. Car hire in Milton Keynes is a perfect way to enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer, whether you are visiting for pleasure or business.

Located about 60 miles to the northwest of London, Milton Keynes is a very popular town in the United Kingdom, which features a rich historical legacy. The town is modern with good road networks, and comes with a purely urban design which makes it stand out from the rest of the towns in the United Kingdom. Milton Keynes is well known for its beautiful landscape greenery, shopping, sports, leisure activities and areas reserved for lakes, parks and trees.


Home to several leisure attractions and world class brands, Milton Keynes is considered one of the biggest shopping experiences in the United Kingdom. The town center features a lively, stimulating regional shopping district which offers a wide range of retail, civic and dynamic space for great shopping activities. There are hundreds of shops, retail stores, restaurants and caf├ęs in Milton Keynes to choose from. Some of the most popular stores include House of Fraser, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer as well as thecentre:mk which attracts millions of visitors annually. Majority of shoppers at thecentre:mk consider it as one of the best and safest places for family shopping.


Milton Keynes is home to a population of over 250,000 people. During the census, it was discovered that the female population (50.5%) were a bit more than the male population (49.5%). The town is home to different races including Black and Minority Ethnic Group.


Milton Keynes features many years of unique culture and rich history. The town is one of the fastest growing places in the United Kingdom. There has been a major development in culture, entertaining and heritage activities in Milton Keynes for people to enjoy all year round. The town is home to beautifully designed urban spaces, lakes, public art sculptures and over 5000 acres of parkland and woodland. Featuring several events, beautiful cultural venues and colorful festivals, Milton Keynes is one of the places in the UK to enjoy remarkable vacation experience. Some of the cultural highlights that attracts visitors include the International Festival Milton Keynes, MK Festival Fringe, and much more.

Getting in

The nearest major airport to Milton Keynes is London Luton Airport which is about 23 miles for the town center. Other major airports that offers both domestic and international flights from Europe and other parts of the world include London Heathrow Airport (52 miles), London City Airport (69 miles), and London Stansted Airport (71 miles).


Milton Keynes is home to luxury resorts and budget hotels for travelers of all kinds. Budget travelers will find hotels at cheaper rates compared to other towns in England. Some of the hotels are fully equipped with state of the art facilities including, swimming pool, air conditioning, fitness center and much more.


The main landmark in the town is the Milton Keynes Cathedral, which has a unique feature. With close proximity to the Willen Lake, the cathedral is one of the most beautiful and serene places in the town. Another popular attraction is the Willen Lake which is considered a perfect spot for nature lovers. The Willen Lake is a place where different species of bird can be seen, making it a perfect spot for bird watching.

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