Liverpool Car Hire

Enhance your trip to this beautiful city with a cheap car rental Liverpool. You can drive to the Southport to enjoy great beach experience, explore the ruins and city walls of the Roman City of Chester or take an enjoyable ride to the beautiful city of Manchester, which is just an hour drive away to explore its many museums and galleries. Do you have more than enough time to spend in Liverpool? You can make your trip more memorable by booking a car rental from Right Car Hire. It offers you the convenience and comfort you desire. There are plenty of places to explore in your car rental. If you’ve fantasized about traditional beach resorts, then you should visit Blackpool area which is just few kilometers away. Here you will find several lovely attractions like the Pleasure Beach theme park, the Blackpool Tower, a massive sized beach and much more.

Memorable vacation experience in Liverpool

Liverpool is recognized worldwide for the Beatles and hosts two top football club. These are the most prominent features, but looking beyond this, one will get to know that Liverpool has much more to offer than just music and sport. Many years of urban restructuring has made Liverpool a sight to behold as it now features modern structures, dazzling waterfront, exotic stores, great bars, lovely boutiques, and a number of luxurious hotels.

Culture and music

Culture plays an important role in making Liverpool a tourist delight, as it boasts many national museums and galleries compared to any other city in the UK. Some of these world class Museums where you will learn more about the city rich historical past  include the Museum of Liverpool, the International Slavery Museum, the Merseyside Maritime Museum, amongst others. The city also prides itself as a great music center with the likes of Gerry and the Pacemakers, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Echo and the Bunnymen amongst others. There is also a resplendent nightlife as there are many traditional pubs alongside luxurious bars filled with fun lovers. Sport also plays an important role in transforming the city.


Flying To Liverpool

EasyJet and Flybe are some of the major airlines offering flight to Liverpool from other cities in the United Kingdom. Visitors from London can travel to Liverpool by train because there are no direct flights from London. Manchester airport is one of the closest airport to Liverpool and is located about an hour away by train. For those coming in from the US, you can fly with KLM.

Shopping In Liverpool

Locals in Liverpool are stylish, friendly and fashion enthusiasts. Major high streets shops have at least one outlet in the city. One of the major activities in Liverpool is shopping as it has help transformed the city. A notable shopping district is the Cavern Designer Shopping Centre where you will find great boutique shops like Vivienne Westwood alongside a host of several independent boutiques.

Liverpool Nightlife

Liverpool is renowned for its great nightlife. With lots of entertainment venues including trendy bars, nightclubs and pubs, Liverpool offers one of the most remarkable nightlife in the United Kingdom. For the best nightlife experience, visit the Seel Street where you will find variety of club houses and bars. Other great nightlife spot include Hardman Street, and Stanlry Street.

Best Time To Visit

Weather in Liverpool is friendly and warm all year round. The climate has similar features with the British Isles with pleasant summer and mild winter. The best time of the year to visit is during spring when the climate is just ideal for a city  tour and also watch the waterfronts. The city enjoys a moderate amount of rainfall annually.


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