Leeds Car Hire

Car hire in Leeds is fast becoming a popular trend among local visitors, tourists and business travelers to the city. Leeds is one of the most frequented destinations in the United Kingdom for visitors as it has lot of hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars offering spectacular views. Leeds is a unique city and easiest way to see this beautiful area is by opting for Enterprise car hire in Leeds, as it offers you the chance to discover the city and its surrounding areas at your own pace. Enterprise car hire in Leeds offers different models of high quality vehicles at a location that’s most convenient for you. If you are on a business trip, nothing seems far better than pulling up to a meeting in one of the classiest cars ever. Whether you are planning to take a solo city cruising in a sporty convertible or enjoy a comfortable ride with family and friends, Enterprise car hire in Leeds has everything you most definitely need.

Leeds is an amazing city that is located in west Yorkshire in England. It became a prominent industrial center during the industrial revolution and is an embodiment of fascinating places that displays the brilliance of English Architecture. The city as of today has developed to be an important industrial as well as cultural center of England.

Tourism sector

The city is endowed with lots of natural landmarks like the Outcry Chevin and RSPB Reserve which are located on the southern and western parts of Leeds respectively. It has several parks like Roudhay and temple Newsam that provide open space for relaxation. Other beautiful places that offers leisure in Leeds city include, war memorial building and shopping spaces for tourists.

Bridgewater Place:  it is one of the tallest and most expensive buildings in Leeds. It is basically an office area with lots of residential complexes that houses top multinationals.

Leeds City Museum: this is a free art museum open to the public on all days.

Transport Facilities

The city has an effective road, rail and air transport system. The major means of local transportation is a well- established network of buses and highways. There is  a well- connected railway service and an international airport situated on the outskirt of the city.

Leeds Bradford Airport

The airport, opened in 1931, is located in West Yorkshire, England. It serves the cities of Leeds and Bradford, as well as the Yorkshire region. The airport, handled almost 3 million passengers in 2012, becoming the 16th busiest airport in the UK that year.


Leeds city is home to several lovely attractions namely The Leeds City Museum, Tropical World, The Bowery, Abbey House Museum, Bramham Park, The Craft Centre and Design Gallery, and many more. Stretching about 1500 acres of land, Temple Newsam is an beautiful attraction that features several items including beautiful paintings, lovely furniture textiles among others. The city has one of the leading open air galleries in the world, The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and it houses international sculpture exhibitions.


Tourists and citizens can enjoy a good shopping experience in Leeds city. There are shopping centers like, The Victoria Quarter, Design Gallery, The Corn Exchange, and lots more where one can enjoy the best of shopping experience. Leeds is one of the best cities in the world for shopping as it attracts thousands of shopaholics form all over the world.


Nightlife in Leeds is one of the best in the United Kingdom. You get to enjoy a range of pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, live music and lots more. Oporto in call lane for instance,is the best place for a perfect night out and is a place to eat, drink and dance.

Carnivals and Festivals:

You can enjoy a life of festivity and carnivals in Leeds city. The festive activities worth exploring include The Leeds International Film Festival, The Leeds Festival, The Otley Folk Festival, Leeds Carnival, Walking Festival, and many more. Leeds Carnival is considered one of the biggest festivals celebrated in the United Kingdom.

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