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Located on the border of Kent and Greater London, Dartford is the major town in the Borough of Dartford, England. Dartford is a town that features unique culture and has a long history of religious and industrial importance.


Most of the prominent industries, such as paper making, brewing, flour milling and cement, in this small town suffered significant decline in the 20th century. This decline has resulted into an increase in unemployment rate within the town. Due to this redundancy, Dartford has lost a significant number of its active population to nearby towns and cities who left in search for more viable jobs. In recent years, Dartford has seen an increase in the number of visible household brands.


Dartford has a rich cultural heritage displayed in several exhibition centers all over the town. Dartford is home to two major buildings namely the Orchard Theater and the Mick Jagger Center, where visitors can enjoy a wide range of entertaining activities. The Orchard Theatre, located in the heart of the town, is one of the best places that thrills audiences with all forms of entertaining activities such as dance, drama and live music performance. The Mick Jagger Centre offers facilities for community arts. Stretching about 26 acres of land, the Central Park in the heart of the town is a popular place used to host important events in the community.


Dartford is home to lots of hospital facilities but a large number of it has closed down  ever since Darent Valley Hospital started operation. However, Dartford is one of the safest place to visit as there has been no record of a major disease outbreak from the town. Visitors have easy access to health facilities should anyone fall sick.


There are little or no crime rate in Dartford. Locals are peaceful, friendly and warm especially to strangers. Generally, it is advisable not to keep late nights or walking in dark places alone at nights. Learn to be security conscious at all times especially when you travel to an unknown destination.


Dartford is home to an estimated number of 100,000 people, and it is therefore considered the least populated within the Kent County Council area.


Dartford, United Kingdom has no airport presently so the nearest major airport is London City Airport, which is 18 miles from the center of Dartford. Other major airports with close proximity for travelers looking to visit Dartford either for business or pleasure include London Southend Airport ( 29 miles), London Gatwick Airport (37 miles), London Stansted Airport (40 miles), London Luton Airport (59 miles) and London Heathrow Airport (60 miles). All of these airports feature world class facilities for travelers use. They handle millions of travelers annually and are also served by several major airlines which offers both domestic and international flights to major cities across the world. Upon arrival at the airports, there are lots of transport options to choose from including taxis, car rentals and trains. The North Kent Line is the first railway from London to reach Dartford.


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