Top 7 Most Visited Tourist Spots in 2016

More and more people venture into the unknown to explore what our world has to offer. Year 2016 has been great for travelers because many countries have become more open and welcoming for tourists. Touristic infrastructures are developing constantly so it doesn’t come as a surprise that some cities are better equipped for travelling than others. Here are 7 of the most visited places in 2016.


Topped only by London in terms of popularity, Barcelona remains a major tourist magnet in Europe with its fiery cuisine, vibrant culture and architecture like no other. The legacy of Gaudi is something that makes Barcelona a real gem for all architecture lovers and photographers.

Hong Kong

Nothing can quite compare to Hong Kong with its mad mix of ancient temples, fascinating Chinese culture and modern technologies with skyscrapers and unbelievable restaurants hidden in the concrete jungles of the city. Head to Victoria Peak to enjoy the city’s skyline from above, try the classical dim sum, and hit Hong Kong’s street markets that are packed with all kinds of goods from food to jewelry and clothes.


It’s the only Middle East destination on the list, and for a good reason. Dubai is unique in its own way and is almost devastating in its glory. It’s luxurious, dry and incredibly fascinating. Visit the ice hotel hidden in the midst of the city’s hot streets and enjoy the view of the incredibly tall Burj Khalifa. Palm Jumeirah is also among the most recognizable attractions in the world.

New York

This city will never lose its top position on the ‘most visited cities’ list. It’s eternally beautiful, elegant with its skyscrapers and the classy Chrysler Building, and truly delicious when it comes to the melting pot of New York’s cuisines. From Manhattan to Chinatown, New York is the world’s favorite spot that still draws billions of people with its recognizable skyline and vibrant culture.


Singapore is a true gem of Southeastern Asia. The city is exquisite, gorgeous and truly elegant with all its high-tech buildings that glimmer beautifully in the night. It’s one of the most popular destinations of 2016 and it’s easy to see why. Come and enjoy the picturesque views of the Clarke Quay, walk along the Marina Bay, and enjoy the dream-like Garden by the Bay, a futuristic park like no other.


With its London Eye, Buckingham Palace and an incredible array of pubs, night clubs and a melting pot of cultures, London is still the #1 traveling destination in Europe. In 2015 the city has received 15.5 billion visitors from across the globe that came to enjoy its many wonders. If it’s theater, opera, cinema or musicals you are into, London has it all, and more! And don’t forget the exquisite mix of cuisines from all over the world.


Bangkok’s increasing popularity is completely understandable when you come to think about its glorious culture mixed with modern tech and a considerable amount of skyscrapers. Bangkok has even moved London from its #1 position on the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index, and that’s not something that happens very often. The city has received more than 15 billion foreign visitors in 2016 and it continues drawing even more tourists as we speak.

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