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Featuring a sizzling nightlife alongside countless number of exotic bars and restaurant, Zurich is a city filled with people of diverse cultures. Fun seems to be almost everywhere in Zurich. The city which is artistic both by nature and environmentally is strategically located on a magnificent lake, near the mountains and has close proximity to other major cities as well. The city is cosmopolitan in nature, therefore, don’t be surprised to find people from different parts of the world living and working together. Art and culture enthusiasts will find Zurich an interesting place to visit as there abounds several streets and art exhibitions to keep you entertained. There are plenty of things to see and do here and if you are looking to enjoy the most of your trip to this wonderful city, it is advisable to book a cheap car hire Switzerland.Zurich Cityscape

Top Things to See and Do in Zurich

Taste Swiss chocolate; Do not leave Zurich without having a taste of its delicious chocolate. Regardless of where you are, you will definitely find a chocolate shop around you. One of the must visit places is the Sprungli store, where you enjoy the tastiest chocolate ever. If you are fortunate to walk in at the right time, you could just be on time to get a free box of chocolate as sample.

Visit the National Museum of Switzerland

Take a trip to the National Museum of Switzerland to learn more about the history of the country and also take tour of the exhibition center, which is an experience on its own.

Walk the Old Town

After enjoying a leisurely stroll around the Old Town and catching in on the amazing scenes, you can stop to eat at one of the many restaurants to enjoy a tasty meal. There are various local dishes to choose from that will satisfy your wet appetite, walk into any of the pubs to relax and drink some tasty wines. Do not miss out on the sweet cheese and chocolates that the city has to offer.

When to Go


This is usually the best time to visit Zurich as you have both moderate sunshine and rainfall, which means colorful blossoms can be found everywhere.


The Summer season in Zurich is humid and extremely hot, making it uncomfortable for guests but a great time for outdoor activities.


As the month of October begins to wind up, Winter begins and is usually characterized by a low fog ceiling. A major reason why local residents go to any nearby peak of over 5,000 feet.


During the winter, there are usually series of circuses, which are usually accompanied by acrobatic performances, fire-eaters and lion tamers. Though it might seem mysterious to see an elephant wondering on the streets of Zurich, have no fear as it only implies that the circus is in town and about to commence full performances at different parts of the city.
Another important festivals that holds in Zurich is Sächsilüüte, it is a kind of Groundhog Day. In which descendants of medieval guild members march through town, then circle a bonfire containing a snowman topped with firecrackers. Other top festivals and events held in Zurich include Jazznojazz (Spring) featuring plenty of Jazz musics playing in almost every major venues in town, and Zurich Pride Festival (Summer), a huge celebration of gay pride.

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