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Tips To Make Your Lucerne Travel Experience More Memorable

LucerneLucerne is the most populous town in central Switzerland and a nexus of economics, transportation, culture and media of this region. This puts it as the most interesting region of the country to visit. Owing to its location on the shores of Lake Lurcene, within sight of the mounts Pilatus and Rigi in the Swiss alps, the region has long been a destination for tourists. Since the city straddles the Reuss where it drains the lake, it has a number of bridges, the most famous being the chapel bridge, a wooden bridge first erected in the 14th century. All these and many more should definitely make your stay at Lucerne worth the while. Do not forget to bring your camera along as plenty of picture taking opporuities awaits you. With a cheap car hire in Switzerland, which comes with unlimited mileage and additional drivers upon request, you can relax and enjoy you a scenic drive around this beautiful city in Denmark.


Towards the end of winter, every year, Fasnacht carnival holds in the streets, alleyways and squares of the old town. A glittering outdoor party where merriness and having fun is the only thing on participants mind and there is a new side to everything. Different characters clothed in fantastic masks and costumes make their ways through the crowd while carnival bands sound their instruments in joyful cacophony and scores of terrific clad people sing and dance in every manner conceivable.

The city also hosts various renowned festivals for classical music all year round. Its Ochestra, the Lucerne Festival Ochestra is hand-picked from some of the finest instrumentalists in the world. There is the pop music festival B-Sides in June, the blue balls festival with a blend of jazz, blues and punk music in July and finally, the Lucerne Blues Festival in November.

Things to do in Lucerne

The Dying Lion of Lucerne

The dying Lion of Lucerne is one of the world’s most famous monuments. It was carved out of natural rock in memory of the heroic deaths of the Swiss mercenaries at the Tuileries in 1792. Mark Twain described the Lion of Lucerne as the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world.

KKL Lucern – Culture and Convention Center

The KKL Luzern (Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne) at Europaplatz is the work of the Parisian architect Jean Nouvel. The concert hall (1800 seats) is one of the finest concert halls in the world. The Lucerne Hall, the Convention Centre with the auditorium, and the Museum of Art – the fourth largest in Switzerland – are also part of this sensational construction.

Old City Squares – Weinmarkt, Hischenplatz, Kornmarkt

The Weinmarkt, where Lucerne swore a federal oath with the cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden in 1332, is especially attractive. Equally attractive is the Hirschenplatz square, named after an old inn dating from the Middle Ages, and the Kornmarkt square, which features the Town Hall and the beautifully painted Pfistern guildhall.

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