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Experience the beautiful city of Lausanne

Lausanne is a unique and beautiful city surrounded by hills, you are sure to be held spellbound by the astonishing landscape. It has vied with Geneva as the home of knowledge and culture in Switzerland. With a population over 125,000, Lausanne is a great place to be when thinking of a perfect vacation spot in Switzerland. The rail network between France, Geneva, Bern, and the skiing and mountaineering resorts of the Valais makes it easier to visit this great city. You are guaranteed of great comfort and pleasure. The Old Town is home to several magnificent buildings, including Switzerland’s largest cathedral, a protestant one which dates as far back as the 15th century. Other prominent buildings in the city include 17th Century Hôtel de Ville (city hall), the Palais du Rumine (occupied by several museums), the Château St-Maire (a former bishops’ castle), and the Ancienne-Académie (the University of Lausanne’s former home). However, exploring Laussane can be practically difficult especially if you do not have a reliable cheap car rental at your disposal. With a cheap car rental, you will most definitely enjoy your vacation in this lovely city the best way possible.

Lausanne Aerial ViewSightseeing

There are lots of fascinating sceneries in Lausanne, but the sightseeing areas are divided into two namely The Upper Town (Haute Ville) or The Lower Town (Haute Basse). This area has some ancient tourist attraction sites worth visiting. For the adventurous, ensure you bring your walking shoes along when visiting the hilly city of Lausanne, because plenty of hill climbing activities await you. Some of the amazing sites include the Cathedral, the St-François church, and the Château Saint-Maire (a former episcopal palace) and the Tour de l’Ale. Flon, which once served as a warehouse district, has been transformed into one of the hippest nightlife spot in the city, and is located to the west of the old town and the Place de l’Europe.

The Lower Town (Haute Basse)

This part of Lausanne is mostly referred to as “Ouchy”, which actually translates to a fishing village located on the shoreline before it was made part of Lausanne. The Lower Town is made up of parks, lakeside promenades, stylish 19th century hotels like the Beau-Rivage Palace, and museums such as the internationally popular Olympic Museum Lausanne. Due to its small size, exploring the major attractions in the Lower Town can be done within 24 hours.


Lausanne is home to plenty of incredible cultural centers, but amongst these museums, the Olympic museum easily ranks first in terms of popularity. Sports lovers and tourists passionate about the Olympics game must ensure visiting this museum featuring modern technology. There are permanent displays, rotating exhibits, and computer terminals where you can watch ancient performances of athletes and participants.
You can also visit the Musée du Vieil Ouchy (Museum of Old Ouchy) which has artifacts on display about the fishing village turned resort. The Museum of Design and Applied Contemporary Art (MUDAC) is also a good place to visit, it is located in the Upper town, which is adjacent to the Cathedral, modern exhibits and rooms are constructed by connecting four medieval houses together.

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