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Grindelwald travel guide

WetterhornWith a distinctive landscape coupled with fascinating geographical features, Grindelwald makes for a perfect tourist destination. Located in Grindelwald are the world famous alpine peaks and mountains Wetterhorn, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau which constitutes the background view of the Grindelwald valley. This community is a famous skiing spot and lovers of winter sport activities are not left out as the community has standard winter sport resorts. The “glacier village” of Grindelwald stretches about 171 sqkm, making it the second largest community in the canton of Berne. A Switzerland car hire is one of the best ways of getting around, as it offers you the chance to visit some of the top tourist attraction at your own convenience. Booking a Switzerland car hire doesn’t have to be costly. With a reliable Car Hire company, you are guaranteed of getting the highest quality car rentals at the most affordable rates ever.

Grindelwald has been a tourist spot since the 17th century, arguably the first tourist center in Switzerland. Most lovers of outdoor activities derive pleasure in visiting the community because of its conducive sports environment. Tourists have been flocking in from various parts of the world to explore Grindelwald. With an annual estimation of 130,000 overnight stays by Swiss tourists, Germans and Japanese have a combined estimation of 100,000 overnight stays in a year, the Brits have an estimated 50,000 overnight stays in a year. These categories constitute the highest number of guests that visit Grinderwald annually.


Grinderwald is one of the three main alpine centers. It is located in the Bernese Alps. Mountain lovers will be held spellbound in this community that features high mountains which include Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains, and the Jungfraujoch railway. The Eiger mountain is over 3970 metres in height, the north side of the mountain has been a favourite spot for mountaineers since the medieval times. The gigantic mountain was used in the movie titled the Eiger Sanction which starred popular actor, Clint Eastwood. The Eiger marks the start of a ridge which takes in the Monch (4107 metres) and Jungfrau (4158 metres). Tourists who will like to be close to snow-capped peaks can go through the Jungfraubahn from Kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujoch.

The Skiing

Unarguably, Grinderwald ranks top among the list of tourist’s favourite skiing spots, The Skiing resorts is a relatively low ski resosrt, with its peak at 2,486 metres.
The resort’s 213 kilometres of pistes are found in three areas which are: around 50 kms in the First area towards to east of Grindelwald, 100 kms at the base of the Eiger (together with 30 kms of toboggan runs), andthe remainder at Murren (this can be reached via rail or a coach).
There are three nursery areas which include, 24 beginner pistes (blue runs), 36 intermediate runs (red runs) and (iii) 12 advanced routes (black runs).
Amateur skiers can start off by exploring the slow slopes with a 30 kilometre per hour speed limit, while those who have been skiing for a while (intermediate skiers) can set the limit as the 8 kilometre run from Oberjoch down to Grindelwald and the powder slopes of the Eiger glacier.
Advanced skiers can explore the world-famous Lauberhorn world cup piste, the challenging Black Rock run from the base of the Eiger, or Murren’s near-vertical Kanonenrohr (meaning gun barrel).


The International Snow Festival has been held on a natural ice rink in the centre of Grindelwald each year since 1983. Teams of artists representing countries from around the world carve and sculpt snow and ice into figures and structures such as swans, penguins and castles. The six-day event, which will next be held in January 2017, culminates in Jury and Audience prizes for the best sculptures.

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