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Geneva travel guide

GenevaThe city of Geneva is a cultural center, featuring world class entertainment, top rated restaurants and environmental friendly parks where you can relax. The city is well known, all thanks to the
presence of numerous international organizations such as the headquarters of United Nation (Palais des Nations to locals) and Red Cross. Superbly strung across the shores of Europe’s largest Alpine lake, Geneva is the third largest city in Switzerland. There’s also the magnificent Lake Geneva that provides a hub for city life, as well as the location for the city’s most famous site, the iconic Jet d’Eau.

Unsurprisingly sleek and cosmopolitan, it should be noted that Geneva is not a cheap city to visit. Locals can be spotted in Prada and if you are planning on eating out, it requires a healthy budget. Nonetheless, there is always room to bargain, particularly in certain areas flooded with flea markets and contemporary art galleries. A particular place worth visiting is Carouage, a suburb founded by Sardinian immigrants and now a popular spot for nightlife lovers.

Getting around Geneva

Geneva features a good road network. In areas such as the Old Town which has narrow roads, there are speed limits. This should be strictly adhered to by motorists to avoid being penalised. Driving along the city is fun and excitement all the way. With your car rental Switzerland, your vacation in Geneva will be the most remarkable ever as getting to your destination will be easier and more convenient. All Geneva airport car rentals are of high quality and in good condition. A valid driving licence and credit card is required and drivers must be at least 21 years old.

Shopping in Geneva

One of the most common ways of shopping is window shopping. Here you will find several exclusive designer boutiques and street staples where you can get high quality items. One of the most popular items you will in Geneva is wrist watch. You could spend hours browsing Swiss brands from Swatch to Patek Philippe. Under this glittering veneer there are various other gifts to be bought from the city stores and markets.

Geneva Nightlife

A large chunk of nightlife venues caters for a cross-section of Geneva society. Gentlemen with excellent moustaches and gorgeous suits sit back-to-back with hotshot young diplomats. During summer, there’s further communal action in absorbing the evening sun over the long evenings. The only slight disadvantage in this apparently conflict-free society is that it does lack edge – it is always difficult to find the wild spots in Geneva. But they are, you just have to look hard enough.

Culture in Geneva

Speaking of culture the Grand Théâtre de Genève, designed in the style of the Second Empire, is one of the best places to visit. This theatre accommodates over 1500 people and is considered one of the popular opera centers in the country, presenting a season of great performances by world renowned guests by international guests. Dance lovers should visit at this time of the year for unprecedented fun.

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