Switzerland Car Hire

As you prepare to explore the cities of one of the top richest countries in the world, you will need to book a cheap car hire offered by Right Car Hire UK, one of the finest car rental company in the world. We offer high quality car which has the capacity of travelling long distance. With a cheap car hire, be rest assured that your vacation in Switzerland will be the pleasantest. With a good road network around major cities and a top notch car, you could stop intermittently at headquarters of some international bodies, visit lots of attractions, stop over at a lake to enjoy great views. A visit to Switzerland will leave you astonished and yearning for more, from the cold snowy lands of St.Moritz to the steep mountains of The Matterhorn to the great water rush at The Rhine Falls, no tourism adventure could be more pleasurable than this.

Things to know about Switzerland

There are many beautiful scenery in Switzerland which will spark up excitement in any fun loving tourist. You can’t miss out on the luxurious restaurants that offer a variety of local and international cuisine. Your trip will be considered incomplete without tasting the local Swiss delicacies such as the Racklette, Polenta and braised beef. Switzerland is a place where you will find people with different origins, cohabiting together peacefully.


The languages spoken in the country are German, which is spoken by a vast majority, Italian, French, and Romansch, English is spoken in many areas in Switzerland, and so foreign travelers be rest assured that communicating and interacting with locals can never be difficult.

Shopping In Switzerland

Are you looking for a pleasant shopping experience while vacation in Switzerland? There are plenty of place that offer great shopping activities as you could get yourself souvenirs like locally made pottery, bags, clothes, souvenirs and much more. The country is also a home to manufacturers of luxury wristwatches like Rolex, Swatch and Omega at affordable rate. The capital city, Zurich, is home to plenty of luxury boutiques and department stores.

Places to visit


Zurich is a highly industrial centre in the country and home to one of the most impressive lakes on the continent, where you could take a remarkable boat ride. Don’t forget to bring you camera, so you can take pictures with other Swiss locals and tourists alike you will be meeting at the lake. Zurich also offers one of the best nightlife entertainment because there are plenty of spots where you can enjoy massive fun, meet people, relax and hang out with friends. There are classy boutiques in the city where one can shop for several great items


There are so many international bodies headquartered in Geneva such as the United Nations and International Labour Organization. A visit to Geneva is a must while in Switzerland, as it features plenty of interesting activities to do and places to see including the Red Crescent Museum of the International Committee of Red Cross where you will find are amazing exhibitions of humanitarian and charity work that has been executed by the international body for over a century.

When To Go To Switzerland

The terrain of Switzerland is different across many regions and, rainfall is usually consistent throughout the year. Notwithstanding, the best time of the year to visit Switzerland is between December and March when the climate is moderate and there are quite a number of activities one could engage in like snowboarding, sledding and skiing. Another great time to visit is during the summer months from July and September is the best period to visit Switzerland.


Switzerland Cities