Renting a Car in Visby 

Visby is an interesting place to be, as there are plenty of things to explore, ranging from rich cultural treasures and world class attractions to their historical monuments. A cheap Visby car hire will even make it more fun when it comes to getting around the city. You stand a chance to see church ruins, Old Town and many more, easing your movement whilst you explore in comfort. One of the most captivating features that make Visby a popular destination is the city ring wall which encircles it. It is seen as one of the best preserved medieval structure in Europe. The good road network in Visby makes driving around the city fun and exciting.

Visby Travel Guide

Visby is one of the popular cities of Sweden, usually visited by tourist all year round. It is located on the west Coast of Gotland Island in Sweden. Visby is popularly known as the city of roses or city of ruins. It is a major destination filed with eclectic tourist attraction and a UNESCO World heritage site. With a population of about 23,000 people, Visby is renowned for its city walls spanning 3.4 km long, the Cathedral and the church ruins.

Get in

Access to Visby is easy by plane or boat. Flights are constantly available all year round for those intending to travel by air to Visby, either from Linkoping or Stockholm. Flights are also available during summer, from Gothenburg, Oslo and Angelholm. Asides the flight, there are also ferries that can take visitors to Visby from Nynäshamn and Oscarshamn.


As a shopaholic looking to shop for some items before returning back, it is advisable to sharpen your bargaining skills so as to take advantage of the affordability of items sold here. On the contrary, you should be time conscious especially when planning to shop on Saturdays as most shops close around 3pm. Also note that there are only two ATMs in the old town and port area: one is located at Donners Plats, just above the water front and the other at Adelsgatan. Along the Ostertorg, you can also find a few more.


The main attractions in Helsingborg are usually opened during the summer months because it is the busiest time of the year for travel. Lots of tourists come to Visby to enjoy amazing time and relax. Some of the top attractions to visit in Visby include the City Wall, erected during the late 13th century. Stretching about 31/2 kilometres long and 11 meters high, the wall encircles up to 36 towers and three main gates. The Botanical Gardens is accessed through the “Door of Love” which leads to a fine garden covered with trees and ruins. Klinten, once used as a residence for workers, is a great place where you can catch great views of the lower towns that surrounds it. Klinten is an attractive place filled with roses around that will wow every visitor. Another place worthy of visit is St Maria Church built early 13th century.


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