Uppsala Car Hire

Available to rent in the beautiful city are Uppsala car hire from Right Car Hire. We offer a wide range of quality vehicles designed to satisfy the specific mobility needs of visitors. Uppsala is one of the loveliest cities in Sweden with a unique culture and rich history but the best way of getting to get acquainted with this city is with your Uppsala ca hire. Some of the places not to miss out on visiting in your car hire include Linnaues Garden, and Gamal Uppsala offering you the chance to learn more about the rich historical pasts. Irrespective of your travel plans while in Uppsala, do not forget to book Uppsala car hire from Right Car Hire.

Preparing for Uppsala: Things to know

Situated about few kilometers northwest of Stockholm, Uppsala is a beautiful destination where visitors can enjoy all the amazing things life has to offer. Alongside its diverse student population, Uppsala features a vibrant environment that will make every moment spent here a memorable one. Due to its shunning parks, sparkling waterways and vibrant lifestyle, Uppsala offers tranquillity at its best. Uppsala is also recognized as the fourth largest city in Sweden and this can be seen in the large expanse of arable lands and attractions in the city’s Old Town as well as many waterways and parks. Here you will see loads of great stores, restaurants, cafes and some of the most visited attractions in the city.


Uppsala’s culture is characterized by a whole bunch of customs and traditions. When planning a trip to this beautiful city make sure you trip coincides with the Walpurgis Night, a very special event and a great way to experience Sweden’s traditions held on 30th April every year in Uppsala. The event is graced by lots of local students. Another popular youth event in the city is the Festival of reggae, which is considered the biggest event of its kind in Scandinavia and started in 2001. This popular event is well attended by a large number of tourists from different parts of the world including music fans. Most of the activities held in Uppsala usually takes places during summer time in the open air because of the mild, pleasant weather. Tourist visiting the city at this time of the year are usually welcomed and feel the hospitality of the city first hand.

Heritage and culture

Start your tour around the city in your Uppsala car hire around the historical heritage and legendary medieval Slottet Castle. Dating back to the 16th century, the castle has played host to significant historical events. Slottet Castle houses an art museum featuring an impressive collection of paintings and art works worth exploring.

Well known as one of Scandinavian oldest cities, Uppsala attracts a large number of tourists annually thanks to its varied attractions. There are also fascinating resorts specifically built to please tourists with penchant for great hospitability. One of the top attractions in the city that should not be missed is the Skattkammaren Cathedral built in 1260, making it one of the oldest cathedrals in the world. On the cathedral’s grounds are graveyards of the renowned personalities and representatives of royal families.


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