Car Hire Östersund

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Östersund – Enjoy a relaxing seaside holiday experience

Located on the eastern shore of Storsjön lake (‘the Big Lake’), Östersund is a large town along the Inlandsbanan. The city is one of Sweden’s most beautiful cities well worth a stop. The city’s lakeside position makes it a perfect destination to enjoy an unforgettable seaside holiday destination. Upon stepping into the city, you will find Östersund a likeable destination, making you spend more time than intended. The city is famed the world all over for its beautiful lake, Storsjön, which locals believe is inhabited by a fierce looking monster.


Looking for an incredible destination with lots of breathtaking and entertaining activities? Look no further than Östersund. The city has gained much popularity for hosting the IBU World Biathlon Championships in 2008. This event has placed this vibrant city on the world map. Home to magnificent ski resorts located a few hours from the city center, Östersund attracts thousands of ski enthusiasts during winter because it caters to the needs of those looking for great snow activity, hence the name Winter City. Some of the top class winter activities on offer here include snowmobile safaris, ice fishing, tri skating, horse and dog sled and much more. Östersund is home to lots of shopping, restaurants, activity arean and hotels all within walking distance and at an affordable price. Whatever you seek to make your trip a memorable one abounds in this spectacular city.


Östersund is one of Sweden’s historic cities with plenty of cultural attractions to explore. One of the top spots that attracts most visitors to Östersund is Jamtli, which houses an open air museum and Överhogdal Viking tapestries. The museum is ideal for arts and history buff looking to learn more about Östersund from years past. Visitors of all kinds regardless of their age would have to be hard-bitten to not enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and remarkable fun on offer here. Another great attraction worth mentioning is the indoor museum where you stand a chance of seeing Östersund monster. The museum exhibits a short film about the creature with detailed information from locals who claimed to have seen it. One of the most prized exhibits featured in the museum is the spectacular Viking Överhogdal tapestries, featuring brightly colored pictures of varied dwellings including horses, dog and elk. Here you will find tapestries dating as far back as ninth and tenth century.


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