Sights To See With Your Car Rental In Portugal

Touring the country in your car rental is the best way of getting around Portugal, upon booking a car rental from Right Car Hire, you have the opportunity of driving through the length and breadth of the nation’s vibrant cities and attractions at your own pace. In order to get the most of your vacation in Portugal, it is highly recommended to book a cheap car hire which aids you travel at your own pace, take pictures of astonishing place. with your car rental, you can drive to Porto and check out plenty of its historic centres, and continue your trip to Lisbon where you can visit the museums for sightseeing and gaining more knowledge about Portugal’s history, Portugal retains a vital part of its history, you can visit the seas and build some sand castles, swim in the waters, meet new friends and have a nice time sunbathing.

An under-explored destination with hidden gem

Renowned for being a destination with a reputation for offering tourists the best treat, Portugal is naturally endowed with attractive tourist sites from the Eastlands that plays host to stunning beaches, the commercial nerve centres that gives tourists an opportunity to shop for artifacts and other locally made products. Located on the North of Europe, which tends to scare off those who don’t like distance travel, thus attracting fewer crowds, the cities of Portugal are well laid out with a unique pattern that will leave every tourist gazing at its awesomeness. Due to the fewer crowds, visitors will have a much better experience as you will most definitely find something that interests you here.


Portuguese are hospitable and they have different origins. Lisbon being the capital city is a commercial centre that offers a variety memorable shopping experience at affordable rate. If you are looking for a more affordable shopping experience then it is advisable to head for other destinations outside Lisbon such as Porto, and Algarve, but beware of nasty knock offs. For lovers of pure Art, Coimbra is a place to be, as you can get beautiful earthen wares at an affordable price.

Night Life In Portugal

There is a popular saying among the locals that ‘Portugal comes alive more especially night’. The reason is not farfetched because of the sizzling activities that take place at night, offering you the chance to explore the glamorous night life and catch live performance by the local band, grab a bottle of wine and mingle with the locals, listen to some native Portuguese. There are plenty of lovely spots, including nightclubs, cinemas, bars and pubs offering great entertaining activities scattered all over the cities of Portugal such as Estroil, Porto and Esphinho.

When To Go To Portugal

In Portugal, the Mediterranean climate is dominant throughout the year, but the cooler months commences by November to February, and are considered the best time of the year to visit especially for those seeking to avoid the scorching heat of summer. If you are one of those who would like to experience the unique culture of this beautiful country, then you should consider visiting Portugal from the months of June and September to witness indigenous festivals such as the São João in Porto and the Santo António in Lisbon.


Portuguese people are predominantly Roman Catholics constituting a large percentage of the entire population while about 15% of the country’s population are Atheists, Agnostics, Protestants, Jewish, Muslims and Anglicans.