Car Rental in Zakopane

If you are in Zakopane for holiday or business trip, you should not miss out on the chance to explore the incredible sights the city has to offer in your car rental Zakopane. You have the opportunity to visit some of the top attractions at your own convenience. Take a scenic drive around the city to see magnificent sights, explore hidden gems and visit museums. With a car rental in Zakopane from Right Car Hire, your vacation will be the most pleasantest ever, as you can travel around the city in style and comfort.

Well known for its mountain hiking and skiing opportunities which serves as a major draw for tourists, Zakopane attracts well over 2 million tourists every year. With a population of only about 30,000 people, Zakopane is the highest town in Poland stretching from 750 to 1000 m above sea level. The city is located in the Malopolska Voivodship, in the southern region of Podhale.


The city is home to lots of museum, of which the oldest and most historic of them all is the Tatra Museum. Here you will also find the Natural History Museum of Tatra National Park and biographical museums of famous Polish artists including the artist Wladyslaw Hasior, composer Karol Szymanowski, and the poet Jan Kasprowicz. The several museums in the city offer plenty of great exhibits. There are lots of local craft and fine art galleries scattered all over the city.

Getting to Zakopane

One of the easiest ways of getting into Zakopane for international travelers is by air through the Cracow’s Balice Airport. it is considered the closest airport to Zakopane. From the airport, you can take a car rental in Zakopane to the city centre to enjoy some of the top attractions the city has to offer. You should also know that the roads are highly congested on weekends due to the increased number of visitors coming into the city. Nonetheless, car rental in Zakopane is an amazing way of getting to your final destination whenever and wherever.


The city’s official language is Polish, even though it is a tough language to learn. However, many locals particularly the young age speaks English fluently. If you’d like to learn more about the Polish language while in this city you can sign up with one of the many language schools in Zakopane. A lot of these schools also provide translation services on request, which may be necessary if you planning an extended stay in the city.

When to come

For skiers, the best tome of the year to visit from January to March. During this time the days are short and cold, but it considered a perfect time to enjoy skiing activities. Kids are also on break at schools, which makes the city see a large number of tourists at this time of the year. You see thousands of skiers in the towns and on the slopes. For skiing enthusiasts, consider visiting at this time of the year.


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