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Located about 60km south of Gdansk , Malbork  is home to an eclectic mix of medieval architecture, impressive monuments, beautiful cathedrals and a number of fascinating sights. There is also countless number of accommodation options to cater to the needs of those whose tourism philosophy extends beyond just spending a day or two around the city. Malbork is one of the finest cities in Poland with endless possibilities. Upon arriving in Malbork, pick up your cheap car rental and explore the best of attractions in the city including the Malbork Castle on your own time. Discover the hidden gems of Malbork and enjoy the freedom of visiting anywhere in the city with you cheap car rental

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Malbork is home to several attractions but the most popular attraction that draws several thousands of tourists into the city is the Malbork Castle. Renowned for being Europe’s largest brick castle with a breathtaking architecture, the Malbork Castle, formerly known as the fortress of Mary and now serves as a museum, is a must visit. Proclaimed a World Heritage Site, the Malbork Castle is a place not to miss out on visiting whenever you are in Malbork. For a chance to get the most of your trip, it is advisable to take a guided tour to show you around and give you detailed information about the castle. The tour guide will take you past the Knight’s living quarters, business offices, dining hall, a chapel and the museum. The architectural designs of the museum will wow you and keep you absorbed all through your tour. The museum housed within the castle features lot of art works including tapestry, medals medieval sculptures, coins and weaponry.  Here you will also find the most extensive display of ambers in the world.


Malbork has a rich cultural heritage and historical past dating back to several hundreds of years ago. At this time, the city gave birth to unique culture. The city celebrates its rich culture all year round with its colorful festivals and events. For culture enthusiast, you will find lots of cultural activities to explore. Malbork is also home to plenty of incredible museums and art galleries where you learn more about the rich cultural heritage of the city.

Malbork Tourism

Asides it historic castle, Malbork has other incredible attractions to enjoy including the Jerusalem hospital dating back to the 16th century, the Gothic town hall and the parish church from the 15th century. Home to approximately 40,000 people, Malbork is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. In the vicinity of Malbork lies other historical site such as Mennonite cemetery. The Mennonites were Dutch Protestants, trying to escape the Spanish rues of the Netherlands but found Malbork as a great resting place. During their stay here, they helped in building loads drainage channels.


Located in the northern region of Poland, exactly in the southern corner of the Zulawy Wislanse, Malbork is bordered to the east by Gdansk and to the south west by Elblag. The Zulawy is a flat region forming the delta of the Vistula River and renowned for its magnificent landscape and fertile soils for farming.

Malbork is a great destination with plenty of things to see and do on here. When on a trip to this beautiful city, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Castle and revel in amazement.


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