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Gdansk is one of the triumvirate cities in Poland with plenty of things to see and do. With a rich history and legacy as the prosperous German port of Danzig, Gdansk is home to Gothic churches, cobblestoned streets and medieval quayside that should not be missed. The other two brothers that makes up the tri city include Sopot and Gdynia. If you are looking for an alternative destination to spend a remarkable vacation asides Krakow, the country’s largest city, you should consider visiting Gdansk.

Where to go

The city’s Old Town is filled with exotic hotels, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues such as nightclub and bars. Asides Gdansk’s Old Town there are several wondrous destinations waiting to be explored. Visitors can check out the suburb of Oliwa, where you will find several parks, a sublime cathedral, a zoo and magnificent beaches nearby. There’s absolutely so much to see and do here. Gdnask is also believed to be the site where one of the most important events in the world kick started in the 20th century. It was also the birthplace of the second world war. Reason being that it was here the first shots were fired by the Nazis at the polish detachment on the Westerplatte Peninsula. For a chance to learn more about this historic event, take a boat trip to massive socialist monument where you will find barrack ruins and a small museum.

When to visit

One of the best times of the year to visit Gdansk is during spring. At this time, you will enjoy the most pleasant weather with brighter sunshine offering you the chance to enjoy the best of time here. Gdansk’s Old Town is home to several lovely places with a renewed vitality.


When looking for a lovely place to stays in Gdansk through a search, you should type in the word “Gdansk Hotels” as this city is one of the tri-city conurbanation locally known as Trojmiasto. The city is home to several lovely accommodations that cater to the needs of visitors of all types. If you want to enjoy the luxury life while vacationing in Gdansk, there are plenty of exotic hotels with state of the art amenities to make your stay comfortable. No matter what you are looking for, be it luxury hotel, hostels or budget hotels, be rest assured that Gdansk got you covered.


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