Car Rental in Trondheim

Car rental in Trondheim has never been easier with Right Car Hire. Trondheim is a vibrant city and it serves as the major gateway to the northern region of Norway. About 200,000 people call this beautiful city home and it features a large number of student population. There are plenty of things to see and do here and if you are looking to enjoy the most of your trip to this wonderful city, it is advisable to book a cheap car rental. However, if you decide on making arrangement for your cheap car hire online, you won’t have to spend an extra minute waiting at the airport as you car rental will be available for pick up immediately you arrive in Trondheim.

trondheimTrondheim is strategically located in central Norway, thus people from different parts of the world do visit just to have a feel of it. Considered as an old-fashioned city with a modern soul, Trondheim once served as the capital city of Norway. Founded over 1,000 year ago, the city is a place not to miss out on visiting during your lifetime.

Getting to Trondheim and around

By air

From the city centre, travellers can easily reach the main international airport which is just 30 kilometres away. Travellers can get flights to both local and international destinations. Airlines servicing the airport include SAS, Norwegian and Wideroe. If you are looking to book for flight to your destination, you can get direct flights from Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London (Stansted), Prague, Murcia, Alicante, Berlin, Barcelona, Tallinn and more.

By train

For those looking to enter the city by train, there are amazing train options to choose from, visitors can take a train ride which starts from Bode down to Kristiansand in the south. Nabotaget make two departure daily to Trondheim all the way from Ostersund.

Bus service

Transport by bus is a sure and reliable means of moving from one place to another in Trondheim. Just purchase a ticket and get to know the departure time of bus. Technology has also made the ticket booking easy as you can make your seat reservations online right from the comfort of your home.

Cityscape and sites

Most areas in Trondheim are full of small specialty shops as major shopping activities can be found around the pedestrianized streets. During the 1990s, there was a major restructuring that took place as several buildings were renovated an others torn down just to build a modern one. At this time, the Solsiden, a shopping centre was built. This is a very popular residential and shopping area for everyone, more especially young ones.


In 1816 the trondelag teatre was built and is known as the oldest in Scandinavia that is still in use. Other amazing theatres where you’ll experience Trondheim in a unique way are the Avant Garden and the company TeaterFusentast. For music lovers, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Ringve Museum.

Ringve Museum is one devoted to music. Much loved music by locals include rock, jazz and classical. The passion for jazz and classical is as a result of the music conservatory at NTNU that stands out as one of the world’s innovative music school. Jazz festivals are hosted on a yearly.


Majority, do not consider the issue of education and the issue of security when planning a vacation. Norway is peaceful and one of the safest place to stay in the world. Trondheim is peaceful, petty theft is usually prevented, all you have to do is to be conscious of the environment. Trondheim have one of the most popular universities in the world and for this reason education comes in a platter of gold as it is rendered free to locals.