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Located in northern Europe, Norway is renowned for its charm and natural beauty. Home to natural fjords, lush mountains and glaciers, the country is surrounded by jagged coastlines. With a Norway visa, which can be easily gotten online regardless of your location, visiting this beautiful country is stress-free. Norway stands out as a unique destination where people can see the sun all night long during summer and for this reason it got the name Land of the Midnight Sun. The best time to experience exhilarating midnight activities – such as hiking, golfing and fishing- in Norway is from April to August.


Norway is one of the largest oil and natural gas exporters in the world. Petroleum and natural gas accounts for over half of Norway’s revenue annually. Oslo, the nation’s capital is one of the world’s most expensive cities. Norway practices state capitalism and as such dominated by state-owned companies.


Norway boast of a stunning geography. Norway is bordered by Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The rugged coastline of Norway is bordered by the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and the Barents Sea. The country features high terrain with remnants of glaciers found in most part of the country. A large area of the country still have few inhabitants and as such untouched. Due to its unspoilt nature, Norway boast of approximately 6,000 species of both land and marine creatures. The marine ecosystem is one of Europe’s most fascinating. The natural fjords stretching thousands of kilometers are a beauty to behold. Millions of tourists visit this amazing country just to catch a glimpse of theses fjords, named the most visited tourist attraction in the world by National Geography. The largest fjord in Norway is the Sogne Fjord stretching 180km long and the most stunning fjord of all is the Geiranger fjord, which is surrounded by lush green mountains and incredible waterfalls.


Norway boasts of a population of over 5 million inhabitants. Oslo, the capital city of Norway and the third largest city in Scandinavia after Stockholm and Copenhagen, is home to over 600,000 people.


The official language of Norway is Norwegian, which has similitude to the Swedish and Danish languages. Most locals can speak English fluently.

Getting in

Norway is home to some of the most striking attractions in Europe. Top attractions include Lofoten Islands, Lillehammer, the Viking Ship Museum, Sognefjord and much more.

Oslo Airport is the major gateway to Norway, with scheduled flights to major cities across the world. The airport welcomes hundreds of thousands of international travelers flying into Norway. Oslo Airport is one of the most beautiful and efficient airports in Europe Aside Oslo Airport, there are several other international airports in Norway located in cities of Bergen, Kristiansand, Moss, Sandefjord, Stavanger, Tromsø and Trondheim. Norway has close proximity to the United Kingdom – flight takes about 2 hours. Getting to Norway couldn’t be any easier from the UK as there are direct flights to Oslo Airport from Manchester, Birmingham, and London.


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