Car Rental In The Netherlands

One could take advantage of cheap car rental service from Right Car Hire in Netherlands to travel around the country. The Netherlands is home to lots of attractive natural features, historical monuments and beautiful cities that will surely catch the delight of visitors. With your cheap car hire, you can visit the popular museums in Amsterdam and Haarlem for intellectual nourishment, relax on the beaches while sipping locally made lemonade, and plan a trip to the fascinating windmills in Kinderdijk, which is a must see for any tourist . Other places of attraction worth exploring in your car renal the orchard in Keunkenhof, the Hoge Veluwe National Park. No matter the nature of your trip and wherever you wish to go, be rest assured that you will get the satisfaction you crave by renting a car to explore the uniqueness of the Netherlands.

One of the most impressive travel destinations in Europe

Within the lands of Netherlands is a mixture of splendor and natural beauty, one can’t miss noticing the lustrous tulip fields, vibrant cities, spectacular coastlines, canals, farm lands and many other attractions. The official capital, Amsterdam, is home to lots of incredible hotels, coffee shops, and world class attractions.


The Dutch are highly tolerant people and are straightforward in all their dealings. The conventional form of greeting is by shaking hands with one whom you are familiar with, while people of opposite sex usually kiss each other on the cheeks successively. Punctuality is very important when it comes to business appointments, but the rule might be slightly bent for social gatherings. You could go casual when going to a relaxation spot or strolling in the evening, but not for business meetings.

Languages in Netherlands

The predominantly spoken language in the Netherlands is Dutch. People of the northern province of Friesland speak Frisian while other languages that are also spoken by a vast majority include German and French.


For those who like move their body to good music, then your search for where to enjoy the best of nightlife ends at Amsterdam, one of the cities in Netherlands with an active nightlife. There are many bars, restaurants, clubs, cafes and many other entertainment venues where you could enjoy plenty of activities to keep you entertained all night long. Netherlands is a place to be as it offers something for everyone including music enthusiasts and party lovers.

Getting In

The major gateway to the Netherlands is the Amsterdam Schipol Airport, where your exploration as a tourist begins. The airport is located about 20km South West of Amsterdam and it is served by several top airlines offering flights to domestic and international destinations including Delta Airlines, KLM Airlines, British Airways, and Air France.

Best Time To Visit

The climatic conditions in Netherlands are friendly, thus making the country worth visiting any time of the year. The climate is moderate with pleasant summers and mild winters. However, mid-April to mod-October is unarguably the most suitable time to visit for those looking to explore the beautiful cities of Netherlands.


Netherlands is bordered to the North and West by the North Sea, to the East by Germany, and to the South by Belgium. About one-fifth of the land area lies below the sea level. The extensive lakes in the central and northern part of the country are best known for being one of the most impressive in Europe.