Car Rental in Macedonia

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A Brief Travel Guide to the Republic of Macedonia

Renowned for being one of the underrated and under-explored countries in the world, Macedonia is a mountainous nation with lots of beautiful valleys and sparkling lakes, offering a wide range of outdoor activities for fun loving visitors. Skopje, the nation’s vibrant capital, is home to loads of wine industry and breathtaking neoclassical statuary worth exploring. Like most other countries in Europe, Macedonia is one of the most affordable travel destinations in Europe.


Macedonia’s food is largely influenced by European, Slavic and Turkish cuisine. With a combination of herbs and locally produce ingredients, Macedonia’s dishes is colorfully prepared with care and expertise. The country is home to plenty of vine yards, sheep farms and fruit orchards where plenty of locally produce are gotten from. Macedonians eat three square meals a day with lunch being the largest. Traditional Macedonian dishes include Kebapchinya (mini kebabs of beef), Ajvar (roasted red bell pepper dip), Burek (baked or fried phyllo filled with cheese, meat or vegetables), Pinđur (summer pepper dip), and Pastrmalija (savory pie).


Over half of the entire population in Macedonia are Eastern Orthodo Macedonians, while others are Muslim Albanianvs, Muslim Turks and Serbian Orthodox. Politics in some part of the country are now strongly divided along national religious lines. It is interesting to see how different religions cohabit alongside without any conflict all year round.

The nation’s most widely used language is Macedonian. Other languages spoken by other ethnic groups in the country include Albanian, Turkish and Serbo-Croat. Foreign visitors won’t have difficulty communicating and interacting with locals in the country as English French and German are also widely used by locals.

Macedonia is a place worth visiting all year round. Featuring Northern Hemisphere climate, some areas in Macedonia are generally cool during summer as a result of mountainous landscape. During summer months, the lake regions are a popular spot for tourists, while thousands of ski enthusiasts find their way to this beautiful country during winters.


Locals in Macedonia were once mountain people and are famous for agriculture, handicrafts and sheep farming. Here you will find small villages scattered all over the nation’s mountainous landscape, making them a perfect hide out spot against foreign invasion. Featuring an Eastern and Central Europe traditions, Macedonia is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and home to happy and friendly locals. Macedonia is home to a population of over 2.1 million people.