Things to do and see with a Rent a Car in Venice

Venice boasts of some of Italy’s finest art. It is also rich in culture with creative architectural structures scattered around the city. For a chance to get the most of your trip to this beautiful city, a Venice car hire from Right Car Hire is just perfect. For music enthusiasts, a drive down to the Interpreti Veneziani, where you can enjoy superb performance of musicians, will give you a mind-blowing experience. Explore the street of Venice in your car rental Italy to catch glimpses of the canals around and take pictures of the prominent features on offer here.

Venice – An enchanting city for a remarkable vacation

Venice is a city filled with incredible attractions including palaces and churches potraying the ancient history of commercial activities that existed between Europe and Orient. around. The city is renowned for its canals with glimmering water, which attracts several visitors looking to experience the beauty and amazing features of the city first hand. The Piazza San Marco is your ideal destination for tasty coffee or an aperitif.

When to Go

Featuring a distinctive scenery, the best time to visit is between Late April till early June, as it features a temperate climate. Summer time is ideal for beach goers, though there are more tourists than anytime of the year, so it is expected that accommodation prices will rise.

Why Go?

Over the years, Venice has continued to prove itself as a top tourist attraction. Most tourists are usually fascinated by what the city has to offer. Venice offers exclusive local bars, beautiful restaurants, and stunning Gothic palazzo, a tourists delight. The city is always busy during summer as tourists marvel at the splendors of the city built on water. As summer gradually fades away, the population of tourists reduces drastically. The month of August is the worst time of the year to visit because of the stench oozing from the canals coupled with mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects, making your trip unpleasant.

Things Not to Miss in Venice

Some of the places to see to further enhance your quality vacation in Venice are listed below:

  • Campamnile di San Marco- This bell tower of St. Mark was constructed in 1912 and provides one with spectacular views of the city from the top.
  • Torre dell’Orologio – Take a guided tour around this restored astronomical clock.
  • Ca ‘Pesaro – For lovers of art, this museum is ideal for you as it houses extensive collection of artworks and paintings.
  • Galleria dell’ Accademia di Venezia is another Venice travel must.


There are no hard rules as regard shopping in Venice because prices range from depending on the location. You could get yourself some pieces of jewelry and glassworks from the Procuratie Vecchie, enjoy great music from the local bands in front of Caffe Quadri and Florian. You must keep in mind that areas close to piazza in the Frezzeria, precisely San Marco sell are filled with plenty of boutiques, jewelry shops and antiques dealers. For those who love clothes and shoes, then a visit to Rialto Bridge and Campo San Polo, located along Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni and Ruga Ravano, is a must. For souvenirs, navigate through the arcades of Piazza San Marco where you will find Murano glass vendors like Pauly and Venini.


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