Car Rental Turin

Featuring a good road network, car rental Turin from Right Car Hire is recommended for those looking to take a day trip to nearby destinations and also enjoy fascinating views of the nearby Alps. Turin is a perfect travel destination that caters to the needs of visitors. Book you cheap car rental ahead of time for a chance to get the best available at an affordable rate. Soccer fans will like to see one of the most prestigious teams in the world, Juventus FC, on the field of play. Kick start your car engine and take a scintillating drive in your Turin car rental around Turin dubbed the “Detroit of Italy”.

Also known as Torino in Italian, Turin is one of the most interesting cities of Rome. Rather than visiting some of the top cities of Italy such as Rome, Milan and Venice which most times are crowded, why not plan your next trip to Turin to experience nature at its very best. Located in the Piedmont (Piemonte) region of Italy, Turin is a magnificent worth exploring filled with several shopping, museums, cafes and architecture. For outdoor enthusiasts, Turin is a great place to explore the nearby valleys and mountains. Turin is not only renowned for its role as the major industrial, administrative and cultural center of the north western region of Italy but it is also popular the capital of black magic and the supernatural in Italy.

Why go?

Located just few kilometres from the beautiful city of Milan, Genoa and the French border, Turin has gained much popularity for its automobile industry. For a chance to explore the length and breadth of the city at your own convenience, Turin car rental is a must. You can easily enjoy all that the city has to offer including its magnificent landscape any day anytime. Turin is home to a lot of magnificent museums, art galleries, opera houses, historic buildings and palace, making it a perfect destination for not just culture enthusiasts alone but for visitors of all types.

Geography and transportation

Located between the Po River and the foothills of the Alps, which serves as a beautiful backdrop to the city, Turin is a place to enjoy nature at its very best. The Citta di Torino – Sandro Pertini airport serves flights to domestic and international travelers. For visitors coming to Turin from the United States, the nearest airport is in Milan. For easy access into Turin, you can also take the trains and intercity buses to transport you from Turin to nearby cities.

Food specialties

Turin is home to some of the best food in Italy. For foodies, there are lots of great food including cheese and pastries as well as popular wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. Here you will find several restaurants and bars offering great tasting local and international cuisine as well as drinks to quench your appetite. Lovers of chocolate will find Turin an interesting place to be because there are lots of chocolates on offer here.


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