Rome Car Rental

Enjoy unlimited fun with a cheap car hire in Rome to explore the city. You will also have the opportunity to conduct an extensive tour round the nook and cranny of the city anytime any day including the magnificent Colosseum at St,Peter’s square and Trevi Fountain. With a cheap car rental Italy, you can spend an entire day in the Vatican City and also explore the fascinating town of Tivoli in Umbria.

Rome city break guide

Rome is a religious city which houses historical sites, local trattorias, quirky shops and a sizzling apertivio scene. Rome has favorable weather conditions which is one of the major reasons tourists flock into the city in their thousands annually. Rome is a city rich in cultural, historical and religious background. As a matter of fact, majority of modern day Christian denominations had their origin in Rome. The existence of Rome has given birth to diverse Christian groups around the world and any potential tourist must aim at gaining some knowledge while also having a fun filled trip round the city.

When to go

Regardless of the time of the year you visit Rome, you will experience a temperate client. When planning a trip to Rome, it is advisable to visit during Spring and Fall. Winters are also pleasant and conducive time to visit and tour Rome. January is the coldest month which has an average temperature of 46°F(8°C) while July happens to be the hottest month with an average temperature of 78°F(26°C). To enjoy your stay in Rome, it is advisable not to visit during major holidays, because virtually all the popular tourist spots will be closed. While touring Rome, you could get a portable hand fan around in your bag pack because the city can be extremely hot at times, while you enjoy the wonders of the city.

Dress code in churches

Major basilicas such as St Peter has a strict moral code of conduct particularly relating to dress code in churches, women should wear knee length dresses, men are also not excluded as shorts are not allowed in most places of worship.


Rome is opened for shoppers to explore, large shops usually commence operations around 10am and stay opened till around 7:30-8pm. virtually all shops are usually closed on Sunday and on Monday morning with the exception of few that can be found in one of Rome’s malls. Residents do anticipate the infamous saldi, which allows for extensive negotiations in the purchase of clothing and other accessories. Most small scale shops close either 2 weeks before or after the Ferragosto holiday, which take place in August. So, intending visitors should take note of this. The most vibrant period when the city enjoys an increase in sales occurs twice annually which is between early January to February and late July to mid-September. Most shops in Rome do not accept return of purchased goods and also do not permit goods sampling of goods in the market, intending visitors are implored to make adequate enquiries before embarking on a shopping spree.


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