Car Rental Perugia

For a chance to explore the incredible attractions in Perugia and behold its beauty, a cheap car hire Perugia from Right Car Hire is a must. The city plays host to the Umbria Jazz Festival that draws thousands of tourists from different parts of the world. Hop into your cheap car hire Perugia and enjoy a scintillating ride around its many attractions include the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, National Gallery of Umbria and the Fontana Maggiore. You can pick up your rental car from a downtown convenient location or Sant Egidio Airport (PEG), the closest airport to the city which offers domestic flights to several destinations within Italy.

Visiting Perugia

Perugia is well recognized as a vibrant medieval hill with world class attractions, friendly locals, magnificent structures, state of the art shops and beautiful squares filled with people. Located at the very heart of Italy, Perugia has to its name a university and an Italian language school, Universita per Stranieri, for those looking to master the Italian language. Scattered all over the place and still visible till date are the remnants of Etruscan. Perugia is a good place to start your tour of Umbria as it has a lot in stock for visitors of all ages.

Perugia Attractions

The provincial capital Perugia is one of the best places worth visiting in Umbria, and it attracts several thousands of people annually. Just like other Umbrian walled hill towns, one of the best things worth doing in Perugia is taking a stroll along its cobbled streets and along the walls at the edge of the town where you can catch breathtaking views of the city. Some of the top things to see and do here include

  • Visit Piazza IV Novembre, a massive sized open squares where you will see a large number of people including locals and visitors engaging in several activities including shopping, eating and drinking. Located in the center of the square is the Fontana Maggiore, one of the most beautiful fountains of the region. The fountain is surrounded several historic buildings including the Palazzo dei Priori, Duomo which is believed to be the home of virgen’s wedding ring as well as other medieval buildings with shops, restaurants and bars.
  • The Fonta Maggiore, made of pink and white stone is a beautifully designed fountain to display the twelve months of the year, mythical monsters, astrological signs and Aesop’s fables.
  • Teh Corso Vannucci is a vibrant street filled with plenty of restaurants, bars and shopping plazas.
  • The Rocca Paolina, built by Pope Paul III, is a fortress worth visiting. Take a stroll through the underground remains of the streets and houses. Here you can also explore the beautiful art works on display.

Getting there

Perugia is easily reached from other towns in and around Umbria via a branch line at Terontola off the main Florence-Rome line. Upon arriving at the train station, you can drive up the hill into the center of the town in your cheap car hire Perugia. As an international traveler, the nearest international airport to Perugia are Florence, Pisa and Rome from where you can take a bus to the town.


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