Car Hire in Genoa

Once you have the keys to your car hire in Genoa, you can enjoy a tantalising ride to the city’s beautiful attractions waiting to be explored. There are several historical attractions, lavishly designed squares, wonderful parks and gardens. With your car hire in Genoa, you can enjoy all the great shopping activities and dining destinations around the city. Do not forget to take a stop at the Aquarium, renowned for being the biggest of its kind in Europe. Take a joyful ride to some of the best places around town in your cheap car rental. Make the most of your stay in this city with a car hire in Genoa from Right Car Hire.

Genoa travel guide

Genoa is home to a charming aquarium, a magnificent seaport believed to be the largest in Italy and a historic center, which is the largest medieval quarter in Europe, with lots of interesting places to visit including palaces, museums and churches.

Why go

Genoa is one of the most fascinating cities of Italy, yet attracts fewer numbers of tourists, making it one of the lesser-known destinations in the country. The city has a rich cultural scene and its home to one of most beautiful coastlines in Europe. One of its major cultural hub is the Palazzo Ducale, where you will find great works of famous artists. For a panoramic view of Genoa, take a Bigo, a capsule that takes you up above the port. Check out the San Lorenzo Cathedral, one of the most intriguing structures in the city dating back to the early 13th century.


Situated on the northwest coast of Italy, Genoa is in Liguria region. The major gateway into the city for international travelers is the Cristoforo Colombo Airport, located six miles west of the centre. Perched about 110 miles north-east of the French border, Genoa is the capital of the Liguria region. Bordered to the north by the Appenine mountains, and to the south by the Mediterranean, Genoa is an interesting place to visit.

Genoa Festivals

A must see is the historic regatta, a popular event in Italy, which is usually celebrated on the first weekend in June every fourth year. During this festival, you will enjoy a competitive game among boatmen from the ancient maritime republics of Amalfi, Genova, Pisa and Venezia. The festival rotates amongst these cities. In the month of July, jazz enthusiasts flock in the city to enjoy mind blowing jazz festivals.

Genoa attractions

Plenty of incredible places to visit abounds in Genoa to cater to the needs of people of all ages. Palazzo Reale, a magnificent mansion now turned museum is home to a large collection of artworks and furniture from sea exploration era of Genoa. One of the must visit places is the Renaissance and Baroque Rolli Palace, proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006. Do you feel like taking a stroll around the city? The Carruggi narrow alleys are a great place to wander around. It is however, advisable to get a map in case you get lost in the process.


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