Florence Car Rental

Whatever your reasons might be for visiting Florence, be sure to book a cheap car hire Florence from Right Car Hire. With your car rental, you can tour the city in comfort and in style. Take a tour around the city to catch glimpses of the various architectural masterpieces and other artistic work that will fascinate you. Take you cheap car hire Florence to explore nearby cities at your own convenience as this will also add fun to your trip. Visit the Chianti wine producing area to admire the scenery.

Plan a Florence vacation

Florence, since time immemorial has being a top tourist attraction and had always delighted its numerous visitors. It is a city with a resplendence exuded silently. There are indeed mind-blowing
sights to behold in the lily city. While taking a stroll along the beautiful cobbled streets of Florence, one cannot but notice the scenic views along the Arno which still retains its original look of 700 years. This is a city where one could get some of the world’s best artistic masterpiece wherever and whenever. A trip to Florence, a centre of world class art, will convince you. Visit Piazza della Signoria, a major tourist site will give your trip to this wonderful city the much needed exhilaration that is necessary to spice up your stay.

Tips For A Romantic Holiday In Florence

Florence, the “city of the lily” as it is fondly called, is a perfect destination for lovers, ranging from its magnificent environment, which is naturally endearing. Nothing could be more romantic than walking down these ancient yet beautiful streets alongside your partner while catching glimpses of several artistic features. The mind blowing architectural structures can also not be missed. One is also stimulated intellectually by viewing some historical structures that tells a lot about this beautiful city. When planning your romantic trip to Florence, a visit to Piazza della Signoria, and the elegant Ponte Vecchio is a must. One must also endeavor to see Botticelli’s Primavera and Michelangelo’s David. Florence perfectly fits the need of couples looking for a romantic destination. Plan a trip to Florence during Valentine’s day and enjoy exploring museums and cultural sites at affordable rate with your couple.

Museums and Artistic Treasures

One could also appreciate the rich history and artistic value the city has to offer. A visit to the Uffizi Gallery and the Academia Gallery will amaze you and leave you revitalized. You could go do some sightseeing spree to feed your curiosity and get to learn some interesting facts about the city. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Flore and the Baptistery will leave you stunned, the Palazzo Pitti Palazzo Vecchio and the Bargello are also interesting places you could visit for a great time. You could visit these places with your loved one and see together the enchanting beauty of the lily city.


For shopaholics, you are sure to get more than enough items as souvenirs, Florence is home to top fashion companies, as it houses top fashion brands such as Via Calzaiuoli, Via Roma, Via Calimala, Ponte Vecchio and Via de Tournabuoni. Your thirst for shopping will be quenched when you pay a visit to any of the stores scattered all over the city. There are numerous fashion items on offer for fashion freaks and also those who intend getting one or two fashion items in Florence.


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