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Things to see and do in Bologna car hire

Are you on a solo travel or on a group vacation to Bologna? You should book bologna car hire to enjoy a remarkable drive to some of the city’s most popular attractions at your own convenience and time. Cheap car rental Italy is the most comfortable way to explore all that the city has to offer. One of the places not to miss out on visiting in the city is the historical architecture of Bologna Cathedral. Drive up to the north west quarter of the city and soak up on the cultural and music scene.

If you must have visited Italy a couple of times and have gone several hundreds of miles by train in Italy, then you must have gone past Bologna, the busiest junction in Italy. Despite its small size, Bologna, locally known as “La Dotta, La Rossa, La Grassa” meaning “the educated, the red, the fat” is one of Italy’s cultural city with plenty of shopping activities and lots of food. Bologna, an old university city, is home to magnificent buildings, lavishly designed squares and interesting medieval center. Renowned for its sheer beauty, pleasant weather, and great cuisine, Bologna is one of the cities in Italy that shouldn’t be missed.


Located in the northern region of Italy, bologna is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna. The city has close proximity to Florence and Milan and about an hour inland from the east coast. Regardless of the season of the year, Bologna is a pleasant place to visit although it may be extremely cold during winter and hot in summer months.

Getting there

Fly to Marconi Airport, the closest airport to the city then take a train to the city. Bologna is considered the main transportation hub for major train lines operating in the country as it offers easy access to popular cities such as Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice. The historic center has close proximity to the train station and can be easily reached by foot or by bus.

Food specialties

For food enthusiast, Bologna is home of culinary delights. You will find all you need when it comes to food. Favourite dishes include handmade egg pasta, pasta bolognese, tagliatelle with ragu (a long cooked meat sauce and stuffed paste especially tortellini). If you are looking for the place to enjoy the best food in Italy, then you should head for Bologna. If you’d like to learn more about traditional dishes in bologna, you can take a cooking class.

Nightlife and Events

Bologna is home to several entertainment activities especially during in the busy summer months of July and August. The Parco Cavaioni located on the outskirts of the city plays host to a an open air disco on a daily basis. There are also great concerts held at museums and certain event centers across the city. Nightlife entertainment abounds for people of all ages especially the young at heart residing in the university area.


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