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Limerick – Experience True Irish Culture

Limerick is one of the biggest cities in Ireland and located along the River Shannon, midway between Cork and Galway. Limerick has a lovely mix of ancient tradition and modern briskness. Limerick is however an underrated travel destination as millions of visitors still prefer to visit popular cities like Killarney and Dublin.

Limerick is a city brimming with activities, from exploring the ancient castles to taking a stroll along the alluring countryside. Hire a cheap Limerick car rental  to enjoy the best of this cultural rich city. At Right Car Hire UK, we offer free pickup service while making it more convenient for you to hire a cheap car in Limerick. Begin your adventure in Limerick with a car rental. Hiring a car makes your trip to this beautiful city more enjoyable as Limerick is close to quaint villages, and towns worth exploring. Hire a car from Right Car Hire UK to see more of this ancient city. The beautiful Village of Adare offers a great golf course as well as a rich cultural tradition.

LimerickLimerick is one of the most captivating places in Europe, encapsulating a great cultural heritage, beautiful climate and most importantly the happy people of the city. Limerick welcomes countless number of visitors from all parts of the world. There are several attractions and sights that make this ancient city worth visiting. Also there is a wide variety of activities to partake in this hideaway Ireland city. Some of these exciting activities include:

Walking Fun: Feels better than it sounds. Hire a guide and take a stroll around the amazing and historic city of Limerick, and be captivated by the amazing structures that await you. You will be mesmerized and left in a state of awe when you embark on a walking tour of Limerick.

Tour to Art Galleries: Limerick is known for its fantastic art tradition, and its top notch organisation of art events and exhibitions. The city has been accorded to be the ideal venue for art and culture lovers. In addition, Art galleries in Ireland have been charged with the task of preserving arts and science over the past few decades.

Museums: Being a city rich in tradition, Limerick museum helps preserve ancient values of the city. The Limerick Museum and the Hunt Museum are some of the places worth visiting for culture lovers. The Museum is a place to be for everyone including young and old, as it reminds them of the glorious old days of the City.

Fun Shopping: Shopping is exciting and fun in Limerick. Shopping in Limerick offers you the chance to see the fashion and cultural taste of the Irish people as well as get lots of souvenirs and gifts for friends and family.

Nightlife: Limerick comes alive at night. The five star pubs and bars littered around every corner in the city keeps the Limerick buzzing. You most definitely would settle for a drink as you admire the aura of the public places.

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