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Kilkenny, located in the ‘Sunny South East’ of Ireland, is home to a population of more than 25,000 people. The town lies only 75 miles southwest of Dublin, and is recognized as the capital of County Kilkenny. In terms of population, Kilkenny is the smallest town in the Republic of Ireland. The River Nore that crosses through the city has divided the city into two. Most sights of intrigue lie on the west side of the river. As Ireland’s Medieval Capital, Kilkenny offers visitors a blend of energetic night-life, incredible shopping openings and a rich cultural heritage.

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Kilkenny CastleKilkenny is a prominent destination amongst visitors to Ireland. In addition, it is a perfect weekend getaway for local visitors as well. Very much respected for its dynamic nightlife, Kilkenny has turned out to be progressively famous in recent times. The city is also celebrated for its numerous medieval structures. There are three major celebrations that attracts thousands of visitors to Kilkenny including the Rhythm and Roots music celebration which takes place in bars and other entertainment venues in May; the Cat laughs comic drama celebrated in June; and the Kilkenny Arts Festival in August.

Where to go

Having rented your car, you can visit some of the best places in Kilkenny at your own pace. Kilkenny is home to several incredible attractions that draws visitors from different parts of the world. looking for a place to enjoy the Kilkenny at its very best, then visit Smithwick. Brewed using the finest of ingredients combined with many years of experience, Smithwick’s ale in Kilkenny City stands out. Get immersed in the amazing heritage of the Smithwick’s family and experience first hand how to sir the mash and sniff the hops.

Another place worth visiting is the Ballybur Castle, a five storey towerhouse which dates back to the 16th century. The castle has undergone several renovations but still reains its former authentic glory. Feel immersed in its beauty and amazing architectural designs.   The Dominican Black Abbey is a great place that will definitely stun visitors. Founded in 1225 by William Marshall Earl of Pembroke, Black Abbey is the longest established of all Irish foundations. There are services and events that takes place on a daily basis which visitors to the abbey can actively participate in.

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