Galway Car Rental

Galway is a college town located on the east coast of Ireland. Galway is a small city brimming with activities – its historic centre, town market, old churches and amazing pub culture as you would expect in a college town, just to mention a few, are a great place to visit. The town has delicious sea food restaurants and a nice aquarium.

Hiring a car in Galway is relatively easy, cheap and seamless with Right Car Hire UK, one of the most renowned and most affordable car rental service companies globally. Situated at the east coast of Ireland, Galway is a small but fun city rich in history and culture as well as the amazing youth life the city boasts of. Your visit in Galway is going to be much more exciting when you book a cheap car rental in Galway and explore the city at your own discretion.

The Claddagh GalwayBe it the incredible and rich history of the city or the attractive restaurants or the great pubs that all keep the night life buzzing, Galway is an exciting place to spend time in. With the a car hire in Galway from Right Car Hire UK, you are sure to get the best out of your visit to this great town which boasts so many exciting adventures.

Galway is the biggest city in the west and the ancient capital of the Connaught province, a city home to about 75,000 people and is one of the fastest developing cities in Europe. Hard to imagine, but despite its size and ever commercially busy ring road this ever expanding city has a small heart – With small streets to navigate through that you would easily became so used to that in a matter of hours, you would be able to find your way around easily.

The youth culture is saturated by a great youthful culture. During festive weekends you will find a significant number of teenagers and youths in their early twenties all pierced and tattooed at a rock concert. Galway goes beyond just the students and youth culture, the city has always attracted artists, writers and musicians from all parts of the world, with indigenous music groups and bands keeping the traditional and local pubs buzzing all year. The city also has two small but internationally renowned theatre companies which attracts a good number of visitors from different parts of the world.

If you desire a serene and outlandish part of Ireland pictured on travel posters, then have a glance at Galway City and later head on to Westport or Clifden.

Even though you are not aware of when you are at the centre of the town, Galway is brilliantly located on the north shore of Galway Bay where the River Corrib flows from Lough Corrib to the sea. For amazing view of the clear and alluring blue bay, head to the seaside suburb of Salthill in the south-facing shore of Galway Bay. Galway’s compact street and growing population means that at its peak hours, the narrow street are crowded with pedestrians and cars are locked in traffic.

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