Explore Dublin in the convenience of a Rental Car

Dublin has existed for over a thousand years; still it can be described as a modern town. Historical Dublin features: the remarkable towers of Trinity College, the cobblestoned streets and the gracious squares of Georgian Dublin. However as time went by, technological advancement soon transformed the look of the city which is more evident around the Port areas. Presently, in the city of Dublin, there are sophisticated places for relaxation and entertainment as well as old pubs where locals gather to relax and unwind.

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Dublin Road-tripIreland attracts twice its number of inhabitants as visitors on a yearly basis. Evidence has it that high demand is placed on Dublin. Ensure you carry an umbrella at all time to prevent getting drenched by rain that may come even on sunny days. The Dublin guide can help you locate historic sites and hot spots were you can relax, have a drink, and make new friends.

Whenever you are in Dublin, always expect rainy days although it’s heavier during the months of August and November. Dublin’s temperature rarely changes through the year, having an average temperature of 41°F and 59°F in winter and summer respectively.

Getting Here

Visiting Dublin is very simple as there are direct flights available from various major cities in the UK, continental Europe, North America, the Gulf cities of Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, to the busy Dublin Airport. Flights from all over the world get linked with further flight hubs, making access to Dublin effortless. Getting to Dublin has never been easier with flights from several top airlines.

Shopping in Dublin

When shopping in Dublin there is definitely something for everyone ranging from locally made artworks, to modern crafts and creative Irish jewelries which is found within the temple bar district.  Francis Street, a quarter where antiques are displayed also comes alive on Saturday Mornings

Also there is Moore Street Market on Henry Street where fresh fruit and vegetables are sold daily except on Sunday.  On Saturdays in the Meeting House square, Temple Bar Food Market exhibit organic produce. Also, designers showcase diverse modern-day crafts and art between the hours of 10 am-5 pm on Saturdays.

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