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Drogheda is located halfway between Dundalk toward the north and Dublin toward the south. The town is by and large small enough to explore within a couple of days but in order to get the most of your trip it is advisable to spend at least a week. One of the reasons is because the city is home to great places to visit and attractions worth exploring. However, the city features a wide range of transport option including taxis and buses. As a result getting to your choice destination is easier.

Mellifont AbbeyIf you are planning a day trip to other nearby cities be it Dundalk or Dublin, the best option is to book a cheap car rental Drogheda. Renting a car in Drogheda is easy and affordable with Right Car Hire UK. You can choose from a wide range of models and brands available including sedan, family car, SUV and luxury cars. We all know that Drogheda has plenty of attractions and interesting things to do. So the best way to get the most of your trip is by booking a Drogheda car rental. Nothing can beat the convenience and comfort you will enjoy while driving around the city  in your Drogheda car rental.

Newgrange Neolithic internment hill, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and built in the Neolithic times before the Celts settled on the island, is a tremendous entry tomb. More seasoned than the pyramids, Newgrange is a beautiful sight to behold. However, there is no better place to start your visit to Drogheda than at the striking Laurence’s Gate. This gate is rarely opened for public access. It is however recognized as one of Europe’s finest medieval gates.

After checking out Laurence’s Gate, then head straight to The Tholsel. Dating back to 1770, Thosel serve as the centre of municipal authority for over a century. The building had also played host to several sessions of the Irish Parliament in time past.  Presently, Thosel now serve as the tourist information point for Drogheda and Boyne Valley.

Within close proximity to The Thosel is St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church. Renowned for being one of the finest Gothic Revival Churches in Ireland, this religious building is home to the preserved head of St. Oliver Plunkett, the last Catholic martyr to die in England. If you are daring and adventurous, then do not miss out on visiting St. Peter’s Church of Ireland where you find a fine example of a 16th century cadaver tomb.

No trip to Drogheda will be complete without visit the Martello tower. Regardless of where you are in the city, you will see this beautiful tower. For a chance to enjoy the best view of the city, visit the Martello tower. Built in 1808 as a fortress, the tower has been renovated after it was greatly damaged during the Irish Civil War in 1922. Here you will also find the Millmount Museum which houses some of the town’s military history, local archaeology and geology.

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