Car Rentals in Cork, Ireland

Cork is Ireland’s third largest city, with long stretch of miles of amazing coastlines that stay beautiful and alluring in all seasons . Cork is a city buzzing with activities; be it for fun or leisure. Cork is known for its bountiful amount of great bars and delicacies. The Castle and kiss the Blarney stone are nearby places worth visiting.

Cork is an amazing city – the third largest in Ireland, with a rich culture of art and great night life, marked by a variety of fancy pubs and great restaurants. Visiting Cork soon? You must want to have a ride around Ireland’s third largest city and explore it to the fullest, how better to do this than to opt for a cheap and quality car hire service in Cork. If you are visiting by air, once you touchdown at the city’s airport, you can easily pick your cheap Cork car hire from the wide range of options available. Renting a car is a great way to explore the city, enjoy the night life and visit exciting places like the Baltimore fishing village, The Blarney stone and much more. Get amazing value from your holiday when you book with Right Car Hire UK, renowned for being one of the most affordable and quality car rental service in Cork.

Dynamic and conceited, Cork is regarded as Ireland’s second city to everybody but the locals, who believe their spirited city is second to none. Cork is known for its uncontrollable energy, in spite of the recession in Ireland, the city has proven to be quite an independent city. Its self acclaimed title; the People’s Republic of Cork, speaks volume of the city’s overwhelming attitude.

Cork IrelandThe eye catching cafe culture and the presence of many beautiful stores also not forgetting the blossoming art environment where Irish dancing and tango night takes place are popular destinations. Like a typical Irish city, there is live music very night. Many locals perceive Cork and the capital, Dublin as equals. Pointing to the fact that Cork was named The European Capital of Culture midway through the last decade.

Top Things to See and Do in Cork

Visit Baltimore fishing villagetour the islands of Cape Clear, Sherkin and Heir on a ferry. Sailing, whale watching or diving are also available.

Hike around Gougane BarraFor a treat of the great outdoor scenery, visit Gougane Barra situated in inland Cork. Have a view of the surrounding lake and famous site of St. Finbarr’s island, not forgetting a stroll around the beautiful mountains too.

Kiss the Blarney stonethe Blarney stone was built around six hundred years ago, with a small part of the castle in ruins. Nevertheless, perched at the peak of the castle rests The Stone of Eloquence or popularly known as the Blarney stone where visitors can kiss the famous stone hanging upside down. The garden around the castle also offers amazing views too.

Butter Updon’t forget to pay a visit to the Cork Butter Museum, where the art involved in butter manufacturing is explained, with techniques dating back to as far as the nineteenth century when the Irish initially began storing butter in bogs.

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