Car Rental in Ireland

Sometimes referred to as the Emerald, Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe best known for its literary giants, amazing cuisine, pleasant weather, friendly locals and astounding landscape. Famous for being one of the UK’s most accessible countries, Ireland is best explored in your car rental from Right Car Hire UK. Visitors can make arrangement for their car hire from many of the airports in Ireland including Cork, Dublin, Galway and Kerry. Upon arriving in Belgium, you will be spoilt for choice as regards the things to do and place to see. One of the best places worth exploring in your cheap car rental Ireland include the beautiful Glendalough Monastery in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, and the historic Dublin, the capital and largest city in Ireland. Dublin is rated as one of the most visited cities in Europe and it houses some of the best museums, restaurants, bars and loads of shopping opportunities. Other places worth exploring include Cork and Limerick.

One of Europe’s most visited country

Renowned for being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Ireland is home to striking castles, amazingly friendly locals, rolling green hills and stunning cliffs that draws plenty of visitors annually. One of the must see places is Dublin featuring great pubs and rich historical past. Home to spectacular landscapes and magnificent castles, your trip to Ireland promises to be the most memorable ever and you’re most definitely going to have a good time. Despite its small size, Ireland attracts millions of tourists annually, as it offers something for everyone. No one ever visit Ireland and leaves discontented and unhappy.

Best time to go

With a pleasant maritime climate, Ireland features mild weather condition perfect for vacation all year round. Summer months are usually warm and hot, while winter months are usually chilly. Spring and autumn features pleasant weather. During winter, the temperature hovers from 40 to 50 degree Celsius, while summer reaches maximum of 75. Nonetheless, the best time of the year perfect for a trip to Ireland is from April to September. Regardless of when you visit Ireland, it is advisable to bring an umbrella and a sweatshirt as rainfall is expected throughout the year. There are times when you can experience all four season in a day.


About 84% of the entire population in Ireland are Roman Catholic while the remaining are Protestant, Jewish and Islamic. Locals are friendly, welcoming and accommodating. However, if you want to have the best local experience, then you should visit one of the many pubs in the country, as it is considered center of social interaction for locals. When planning to go for social functions, business meeting or smart restaurants, you are expected to dress smart rather than looking casual. It is prohibited to smoke in public places including restaurants, bars and pubs.


The official language of Ireland is Irish, otherwise known as Gaelic. However, majority of locals in Ireland speaks English.


If you find yourself leaving an essential item back home, there are lots of shops and stores scattered all over Ireland where you can find lots of things including clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, souvenir and much more. You will find no shortage on the things to buy here, especially in touristy areas.


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