Weimar Car Rental

WeimarOnce served as a former European City of Culture and the capital of the German state of Thuringia, Weimar boasts of two different UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are 14 buildings located in the city which are overseen by UNESCO. Aside the fact that this city is quite an epitome of culture, there is a darker side to the town’s history which is the location of the Buchenwald concentration camp in the hills to the north. In recent times, one of Goethe’s masterpieces was added to the UNESCO’s list of 100 Historical Documents on Mankind. A great project worthy of note that was carried out by the Weimar Classics Foundation is the renovation of the Duchess of Anna Amalia Library.

The widowed Duchess Anna Amalia was a sort of 18th century talent scout, who sought cultural figures to beautify the magnificent court her Saxon forbears had established. Among the cultural figures she scouted for include Goethe and Schiller. The Library, which was managed by Goethe for 35 years, is now home to thousands of books, medieval manuscripts, historical maps and various notes.

Exploring this beautiful city has never been easier with your cheap car hire Weimar. Featuring rich historical past, unique culture and beautiful museums, Weimar offers plenty of things to see and do. The city also served as home to German artistic legends, Johan Wolfgang von Goethe und Friedrich Schiller. Start your tour of Weimar visiting its museums; take an exhilarating drive to the castles and palaces to catch a glimpse of ancient culture and historical past of the city. You can’t afford not to check out the magnificent grounds and buildings of Schloss Belvedere . After taking in all the sites of Weimar, you can plan a day trip with you cheap car hire Weimar to nearby decimations such as Jena, Erfurt, Dresden and Leipzig. By making your reservations from Right Car Hire, you are guaranteed of the best quality of car that will facilitate your movement around easily.

Places to visit in Weimar

There are several historical and interesting places to visit in Weimar, some of the places worth your time include;

Goethes Wohnhaus – This was the home of the legendary artist and writer, Goethe, thus a must visit. The house is filled with great collection of items that serves as a reminder of the legend. Here you will find a stunning museum with items dedicated to the life and times of the legendary artist and writer. Goethe had a special interest in landscape and nature; this is quite evident when he assisted in building the lovely Park an der llm with its garden retreat popularly known as Goethes Gartenhaus.

Deutsches Nationaltheater

The Deutsches National Theater is one place you must visit in Weimar. Do not expect to see giant edifices in Weimar. With an intimidating statue of two legends, Goethe and Schiller, the Deutsches Nationaltheater is a place to be. The city’s constitution was passed here in 1919.

Though Weimar boasts of legendary writers and artists, the city’s beautiful history still remains tainted by the infamous Buchenwald concentration camp that was established in 1937. Over 60,000 people from about 35 countries were killed in this camp. Americans eventually successfully intervened and destroyed the camp on the 11th of April, 1945.

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