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Strategically located on the River Neckar of South Western Germany. Heidelberg is a city that offers an eclectic mix of history and modernity. The German Romantic Movement derives its inspiration from the city’s exuberance and beauty. Heidelberg is easy and stress free, making it an incredible vacation for not only sightseeing but every other aspect of traveling.

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HeidelbergGetting to know Heidelberg

You may be wondering why travel to Heidelberg considering the number of popular destinations in Germany? There are many reasons to visit Heidelberg. Asides the various museums and castle including the Schloss, Heidelberg has more than enough to offer. Plan your trip to University of Heidelberg renowned for being the oldest university in Germany. The University has maintained its reputation as a top scientific and medical research center. It is also worthy to note that most national and international establishments usually have either their headquarters, division or a research center in this city. This makes the city both an industrial and technologically advanced center.


The city’s museums offers art and culture lovers the chance to appreciate the innumerable artifacts that have been well preserved over the years alongside great exhibitions.
Most ancient buildings have been well maintained over the years, offering tourists the chance to know more about medieval German culture and architecture. With several parks located in different parts of the city, lovers of outdoor activities will be spellbound by its elegant parks. Heidelberg offers a more relaxed environment to cycle and hike. So if you are an enthusiast of outdoor activities, you will enjoy Heidelberg and the loads of fun in stock for tourists.

For those who intend getting souvenirs in this city, there are various gift shops where you can find several lovely items. Some of the places include Marktplatz, along Hauptstraße and Steingasse and in close proximity to all the sights. There are several Heidelberg experienced guides waiting at the Main Train Station in the Old Town willing and ready to provide you with information you need about Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. They will help you with tips that will guide your stay in the city. They will give you a list of events and activities worth participating in.

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