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Dresden, the capital of the Free State of Saxony, located in the southern region of Germany is a city with over 500,000 people and boasts more than 10 million visitors annually. Dresden shares boundary with Berlin, Prague and Munich. Popularly referred to as the “Florence on the North”, the city is a place to be for tourists who love nature, arts and class.
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Since January 1, 2002, Euro has been the official currency used in Germany. If you will be travelling within Europe, do not stress yourself converting currencies anymore, as most countries now accept the Euro. You can withdraw cash in any of the cash machines using your EC card, other international credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Eurocard.

Dresden CastlePlaces To Explore In Dresden

Dresden has several interesting places to visit, any adventurous tourist will surely be satisfied.

Visit The Museums. The city has over 30 world-class museums, including the Zwinger Palace. This museum is home to the popular Old Masters Gallery with the “Sistine Madonna”. Here you will also find the largest collection of porcelain in the world.

The Porcelain Collection

The Porcelain Collection is locally referred to as Dresden Porzellansammlung. In this museum, there are over 15,000 porcelain pieces made by the Chinese, Japanese and Meissen manufacturers. In this large porcelain collection, you will find the Chinese vessels and figures of the Song, Ming and Kangxi periods as well as Japanese Imari and Kakiemon porcelain from Arita.

Old Masters Gallery

There are over 760 artworks on display in the Old Masters Gallery which dates as far back as 1350. Some of the artworks here include Italian paintings from the early Renaissance and baroque periods, there are also masterpieces which were done by renowned artists like Raphael, Correggio, Giorgione and Titian. There are also other artworks that are worthy of note done by Dutch and Flemish painters of the 17th century, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Ruysdael, Rubens, Jordaens and Van Dyck. The works of medieval German and medieval Dutch masters are also available for sightseers. This gallery holds several unique works by different artists from different European countries.

The Green Vault

The Green Vault houses a large collection of former crown jewels. It is recognized the world all over as one of the most beautiful treasure chambers. Dating back to 1560, The Green Vault is one of the richest chamber museums in Europe.

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