Car Rentals in Berlin

Berlin is the famous capital of Germany but still a young city by nature. As the capital it is remarkable for a lot of its attractive features that lures tourists across the world. Berlin is filled with plenty of attractions that stimulates the interests of ardent travellers and visitors. Not only is it popular for its great attractions it possesses, but also a place to enjoy fun filled holiday.
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BerlinThe atmosphere around the bars and cafes in Berlin is simply fantastic and compete against their counterpart in any part of the world. There are lots of places of interest that can keep one fascinated, ranging from museums, to palaces and art galleries. There is a lot to enjoy in the city, not to forget the landmarks and monuments that fills the city. For visitors on a short trip to Berlin, you are assured of an exciting holiday experience.

Landmarks and Monuments

While the magnificent monuments in Berlin will captivate visitors, the high rise buildings and the beauty of this city will keep one spellbound. The Bundestag, a parliamentary building, is known for its great magnificence and beauty. Berliner Funkturm and Berliner Furnsehturm are other fascinating buildings in the city worth visiting. Siegessäule is a famous landmark that attracts several thousands of visitors from around the world.

Art Galleries, Churches and Museums

There’s an expression of great artistry that reflects throughout Berlin. The exquisite design of churches like Berliner Dom, Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche and Marienkirche are a “must-see”. Berlin tells its own tales using her own unique methods; these tales are expressed through the series of museums that speaks about its rich historical past, which not only appeals to history lovers but also to everyone. There’s a variety of museum in the city, where you can learn more about Muslim history and ancient Greek history, there’s plenty of information for visitors. There’s plenty of collection in Museumsinsel, DeutschesHistorisches Museum and Gemäldegaleri. Berlin is known to stimulate the imagination of its visitors through the numerous art galleries in the city. There are lots of art galleries that hold interesting materials like the Art Center Berlin Friedrichstraße, Galerie Eigen & Art and lastly, loop — raum fur aktuellekunst.

Operas, Theatres, Concerts and Cinemas

There are lots of entertainment centers in Berlin including theatres, cinemas, operas and numerous centers that holds concerts known to attract celebrities from all over the world.

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