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Officially known as The Federal Republic of Germany, the country prides itself as one of the world’s rich and progressive nation. Germany is a place to hundreds of zoological gardens, wildlife parks and bird parks, and has always held a reputation for having one of the world’s largest species of flora and fauna. Germany is home to the largest zoo in the world, Zoologischer Garten, located in Berlin with over 1,500 different species and approximately 14,000 animal population. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Germany’s Fairy Grottoes are the most spectacular caves on the face of the planet.


Located in West Europe, Germany is bordered by 9 countries including the Baltic Sea, North Sea and Denmark in the north; Czech Republic and Poland to the east; France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands to the west; and flanked by Austria and Switzerland to the south. The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in the country, towering 2,963 metres (roughly 10,000 feet) from ground level. The mountain, which can be easily explored using a cable car, is one of the most visited attractions in Germany, drawing thousands of visitors especially hikers and adventurous travelers to Germany annually. Germany covers a total area of 357,021 sq. km.


Germany is one of the members of the European Union. Renowned for being the largest economy on the continent of Europe, Germany is the largest exporter of manufactured goods. Germany is also one of the largest producers of motor vehicles in the world. Home to the European Central Bank, Germany has one of the lowest unemployment rates


With a population of more than 80 million people, Germany is the second most populous country in Europe. Berlin, the capital and the largest city in Germany, is home to 4.6 million people. A large number of people living in Germany are located in major cities and towns such as Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and Hanover.


A large number of people living in Germany are German (91.5%), others include Turkish Greeks, Italians, Polish, Russians, Serb-Croatians, and Spanish. Germans are great writers like Albert Einstein, world class poets like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and splendid scientists like Gottlieb Daimler. Germans also lover outdoor activities such as skiing, swimming and visiting interesting places such as museum or concerts. They are friendly and warm especially to foreigners. A lot of people living in Germany love sports such as tennis, soccer, basketball and dancing.

Major airports in Germany

Frankfurt International Airport

Considered the largest airport in Germany and the third largest in Europe, Frankfurt International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Located few kilometers from the city center, the airport is easily accessible by train, bus and car. Serving millions of international travel to and from major cities across the world, Frankfurt International Airport is one of the main international airport in Germany.

Munich Airport

Munich Airport, also known as Franz Josef Strauss International Airport, is the second largest airport in Germany located in the northeastern part of Munich. The airport was awarded the Best Airport in 2007.


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