Visit Toulouse for a remarkable vacation experience

Located in the southwest of France in the Midi-Pyrénées region, Toulouse is a beautiful city in France with plenty of things to do and see. Travelling in and around Toulouse is quite easy as there are plenty of great transport options to choose from. For those looking to enjoy a serene vacation experience in the city, then you can visit one of the many cafes in the city equipped with terraces offering great views of the city. Toulouse is home to Airbus, one of aerospace industries in Europe.

Things to do

There are many different things to do whenever you are in the city. Check out the Basilique Saint Sernin dating back to the 11th century; or visit the Hotel d’Assezat, a beautiful building that draws thousands of local visitors and visitors alike due to its stunning architecture. Other attractions worthy of note include the Les Augustins, an art museum; Le Bazacle; and Canal du Midi.

When to go

Toulouse is a year round destination with lots of hot days during summer and plenty of snow during the winter months from December to March, making it a perfect destination to enjoy skiing activities. The best time to visit is during spring and autumn when you will find a small number of tourists. For lovers of arts and music, plan your trip to Toulouse during summer months where you will experience colourful summer festivals including Les Siestes Electroniques and Le Printemps de Septembre.


Locals in Toulouse loves shopping for food and great wine. The city is home to lots of edgy fashion shops and boutiques selling quality wares, and clothing items. The city’s main shopping street is the reu Saint Rome, which houses plenty of classy boutiques and stores. Visit the Victor Hugo Market, the largest covered food market in southwest France, where you can enjoy great tasting delicacies such as magret de canard (duck breast), and saucisse de Toulouse (Toulouse sausage).

Why go

Toulouse has a rich historical past and unique culture worth exploring. Whether you are planning to take a tour around world-class factories or take a walk around its cobbled streets, enjoy skiing in the Pyrenees or take a refreshing dip in the Atlantic coast, be rest assured that Toulouse has everything you need to keep you entertained all through your vacation.

Car rental

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