Toulon Car Rental

Toulon’s good road network makes it perfect for road tripping with family and friends. If you are planning your next trip to this port city, then you need to come prepared as there are plenty of incredible places to visit. For those looking to enjoy every moment spent in Toulon, then it is very important to book Toulon car hire. If you need to rent a car in Toulon, Right Car Hire is your one stop car rental company offering great, quality cars at affordable pricing. Take the wheels and enjoy exhilarating ride to the old town centre where you will see some of the top attractions the city has to offer including the Provencal market, the cathedral and several beautiful fountains. Drive towards the east of the city in your Toulon car hire to explore the seaside settlement of Le Mourillon, which houses plenty of sandy beaches. With a Toulon car hire from Right Car Hire, you can enjoy a day trip to the beautiful sheltered beach.

Why you will fall in love on your Toulon Vacation

Located on the southern region of France, Toulon is home to lots of sandy beaches and shingle coves. This beautiful port city is a significant naval base and the harbour is lined with warships and submarines as well as fishing boats and ferries. For a chance to catch a glimpse of several magnificent maritime artifacts while in France, check out the grand Musee National de la Marine strategically located in Port of Toulon. The city is home to Mont Faron, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Toulon and can be easily reached using cable car shuttles.

Kids activities

Toulon has something for everyone, especially the kids. The beaches attract plenty of families on vacation as it offers several family friendly activities. Toulon is considered one of the most family friendly destinations of all the big cities in Provence. However, the first port of call for visitors on family vacation is the beaches. One of the most popular beaches with close proximity to the city centre is the Le Mourillon. Another kid friendly activity to do is taking a cruise around the bay. If you have a Toulon car hire, then you can drive around town to experience its charm and beauty firsthand.


Featuring a typical Mediterranean climate, Toulon is one of the sunniest cities in France. The weather is temperate and mild all year round when compared to other cities in Southern Provence. In mid-summer, the weather is slightly cooler with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter is mild and pleasant as they are considered to be relatively warmer than Avignon or Marseille with temperatures averaging 13 degrees Celsius or 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where to go

Toulon has plenty of attractions that draw thousands of visitors annually. The Tour Royale (XVI century), which once served as the office of prison is now regarded as a significant artifact and houses many different artillery. After visiting the Tour Royale, your next stop should be at Place de La Liberte, which houses top attractions such as the Museum of Art and the Fountain de la Federation (1889).


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