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Strasbourg is the seat of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. The city has a lot to offer when it comes to great attractions and places to visit. Home to world class hotels, restaurants and spectacular landscape, Strasbourg features serene atmosphere and protects its rich cultural heritage and the environment with cycle paths and tramways. The city is widely celebrated for its wine, chocolates and foie gras.


Located on the Franco- German border, Strasbourg features a fascinating blend of influences from Germany and France including food, architecture and most importantly weather. The city features a continental climate with very hot summer and extremely cold, and snowy winter. The best time of the year to visit Strasbourg is during spring and autumn. During this time, visitors can benefit immensely from several outdoor activities. Another great time of the year to visit is December, when the city is at its liveliest. The Christmas market is a place not to miss out at this time of the year.


Strasbourg offers a wide range of shopping opportunities for shopaholics including beautiful stores, markets, boutiques and shopping malls. Visit the rue des Orfevres for a great collection of retail items including designer clothes, jewelry, leather products and much more. The rue de la Mesange is a place to find stores with top brands such as Gucci, Cartier and many more. if you are a Christmas enthusiasts, Strasbourg shopping caters to your needs as you can find lots of Christmas decorations in places such as en Alsace, 10 rue des Dentelles, anytime of the year. You will also find plenty of shopaholics at the central Place des Halles, the main commercial shopping centre in the city that houses over 100 stores and shops including 10 restaurants and bars.


Due to its massive student population, Strasbourg is always lively all day long but more especially at night. Some of the top nightlife spots can be found around the cathedral and around rue des Freres. From the opera, and live performances to cabaret shows, Strasbourg offers a wide range of entertainment activities for visitors. Visit the Academie de la Biere and enjoy delectable food and great tasting beers of different variants from France, Germany and Belgium. The Chalet, which features several restaurants and bars, is one of the city’s best nightclubs where you can party all through the night.


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