Renting a car in Nantes, France

As an hub of entertainment and hospitality Nantes is host to so many other attraction spots including the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, which houses the Nantes History Museum, the Cathedrale de Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul, which is a spectacular example of Gothic architecture, and breath-taking views in gardens such as Jardin des Plantes, Parc de la Beaujoire and Jardin Japonais. Other areas of natural beauty include Brière Regional Natural Park to the West and Réserve Naturelle de Grand-Lieu to the South. There are also fun spots suitable for family excursions in you cheap car hire Nantes from Right Car Hire.

The perfect getaway destination

Thinking of a perfect getaway with exotic places, creative, attractive and monumental city with rich architectural heritage, look no further than Nantes situated 30 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean on the Loire estuary. Savor the experience of a road tripping in your cheap car hire Nantes. As you drive through, the intrigue, elegance, fascination and splendid magnificence of remarkable classic sites, historical back alley and pleasant city setting will definitely keep you thrilled all through the journey.

Why Go to Nantes, France

Nantes although small is a choice destination for fun seekers, tourists and especially those who adore nature and constantly crave even in their subconscious to tour magnificent resorts, enjoy fanciful sights with the pleasuring satisfaction of visiting an exciting National monument.

To Indulge

Ever had a treat where you had all your five senses satisfied? Or have you ever imagined what the combination of classic and stylish architecture looks like? If not then the La Cigale is the place to be. Opened in 1895, the La Cigale is a product of classical designs of wooden reliefs, wooden beams, wooden cicada which sits fittingly on top of a grand clock at the center of the exquisite dining room. Embellished with the finest of modern stylish finishing, the La Cigale radiates an executive aura. To send you into ruptures in the already pulsating ambience of the La Cigale is a menu of Frances’ best and creamiest dessert – bread basket paired with Brittany butter, with the aroma of fresh oysters and glass, one could let it all loose.

To Join the Circus

The Machines de l’Ile Nantes is built as homage to Nantes’ native son Jules Verne features a workshop, a showroom and an amusement park. The imposing structure with impressive still life drawings of amazing animal creatures houses three ring circuses. To accentuate the amusement of the complex, the center ring is shaped like a life – sized elephant; powered by a motor it carries passengers on a platform at its back clomping along Nantes former shipyards, apart from the amusement park, the three-tier “marine world” carousel is another fascinating center in the complex that grabs tourists attention.


Shopping in Nantes can be an unforgettable experience especially at the stunning Passage Pommeraye which can best be described as an epitome of ornamentation. Although built about two centuries ago, it still stands out as one of Nantes monuments. The ancient structure features a three- storey staircase, a central atrium encircled with white Grecian statues, wrought iron lamps and a glass roof that radiates sunlight for illusion. Silk scarve stores- Hermes and confectionary store – Maison Georges Larnicol are housed in the Passage Pommeraye.


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