Marseille Car Hire

Renowned for being one of the most elegant cities in France, Marseille offers an eclectic mix of amazing cuisine, Mediterranean beaches, great music and fashion. Getting around the city has never being easier with Marseille car hire from Right Car Hire. Your car awaits you upon arrival at Marseille Airport (MRS). With your Marseille car hire, you can explore the coastal towns and villages the city has to offer.

The Oldest City In France

Marseille is the oldest and the second largest city in France. Dating back to 600 BC, the city was founded by the Greeks but several attacks by the Romans resulted into transfer of power from the
Greeks to the Romans. During this time, Marseille served as a significant port of trade. Here, you will find series of ancient sites that draws local visitors and tourists alike from different parts of the world. One of the most visited attractions in the city is the Old Harbour. In comparison to other cities in France, Marseille features several amazing attractions and impeccable squares that will take your breath away.

Attractions in Marseille

Marseille’s most popular attraction is the stunning Chateay d’If. This island was used as the setting for Alexander Dumas popular novel – The Count of Monte Cristo. The prison on the islands is well-preserved and can be easily reached with a boat cruise along the sparkling waters. Another great attraction worthy of note is the Basilique de Notre Dame de la Garde, one of the stunning cathedrals with state-of-the-art decors in France offering great views of the city. Do not miss out on visiting the Parc Borely featuring a beautiful garden worth exploring and a lake where you can enjoy lovely boat cruise.

For history buffs and culture lovers, a day trip to the ornate Palais Longchamp is ideal. This amazing attraction is home to several lovely places of interest including the National History Museum, Musee des Beaux Arts and a beautifully structured fountain. For some great water sport activities, then you can visit the Plage des Catalans, a magnificent beach with close proximity to the city centre.

Accommodation in Marseille

Unlike other cities in France, Marseille is full of several incredible accommodation options including vacation rentals hotels, resorts. Featuring a serene atmosphere, friendly locals and beautiful surroundings, Marseille attracts a large number of tourists annually. Due to this massive influx, there has been new hotels and resorts coming up to cater to the accommodation needs of visitors. Existing hotel accommodations have also undergone renovation to meet up with international standard when it comes to providing the comfort and hospitality visitors seek.

When to go

Marseille is a beautiful destination worth visiting anytime of the year. For being the second largest city in France, Marseille never shuts down as it is always booming with lively and enjoyable activities 24/7. Summer in Marseille is hot and dry while winters are mild making it a perfect time to enjoy great moments in one of the cafes. To catch stunning views of the beautiful flora displays and explore some of its incredible attractions then you should consider visiting during spring.


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