Lille Car Rental

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Travel to Lille

With a tour around Lille, you will experience a charming mix of French and Flemish features. The city is home to lots of impressive buildings, parks, and cobblestone streets. Lille has plenty of things to do, place to see and world class accommodation designed to cater to the needs of people of all ages. Renowned for being the friendliest French destination, Lille is visited by millions of tourist annually as it offers the ambience of a medieval town. If you have a penchant for Belgian beer, then plan a trip to Lille and you will leave happy and satisfied.

Things to see and do

The centre of the city is home to most of the popular attractions in the city. Here you will find Vieux Lille, Lille’s historic town centre and the Grande Place, considered a perfect place to start your tour around the city. The city’s main square, the Grande Place is home to some of the most glamorous architectures such as the magnificent Viellw Bourse which dates back to the 17th century. Another popular attraction sited in Vieux Lille is the Comtesse Museum, which once served as a hospital but now turned into museum exhibiting arts and paintings which says a lot about the city’s rich historical past. Other great attractions include Musee d’Art Moderne, Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral and the Parc de Zoologique.

Climate and weather

With a temperate oceanic climate all year round, Lille has a mild summer with an average temperature of 74°F (23°C) and cold winter with temperatures dropping as low as 32°F (0°C). Rainfall is most common during autumn and spring. However, Lille can be visited all year round but the peak season tends to be during spring months from March-June and autumn months from September to December.


Lille is a perfect shopping destination for visitors. It would be so unwise to visit Flanders without checking out the austere oak, porcelain and beech furniture at Flamant. Here you will find colourful Belgian home furnishing shops. These stores also offer delivery to several locations across the United States. Another places to enjoy great shopping experience is the shop of local interior designer Jean Maniglier featuring several quality fabrics, rugs, wooden bowl of both Asian and African origin, and furniture.


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